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Had my first shoot with Atalanta today and what a good day it was. Atalanta is full of life, very professional, poses well and takes direction well. The shoot went very quickly and the images were great, lovely model.

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Irida S

Atalanta and I worked poses together for a Thomas Holm workshop ran at the fantastic AURA-PHOTOGRAPHIC!

Atalanta radiates positive energy! Full of life , so much fun to work with, professional and poses beautifully!

Hope to work together again in the future!!!

Book her !!!

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Raven Photographic

Had my first shoot with Atalanta today at AURAphotographic she poses beautifully and has great posture

Highly recommended by me

Thank you for a wonderful day and all the effort you put in


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Thomas Holm

Atalanta stood in for a model at my latest workshop at Aura Photographic after another model had to excuse herself, and she performed admirably.

She is very professional, good at posing, radiates good vibes, and is super easy to be around. And a valuable addition to the workshop.

Book her for a shoot if you have a chance.

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Ian Oliver

I was fortunate to have worked with Atalanta for the first time as part of the erotic duo workshop with Irida S run by Thomas Holm at the Aura Photographic studios.

She absolutely excelled and worked with Irida beautifully, she has a lovely range of poses, imagination and elegance. She worked perfectly with to without direction and was fun and easy to work with. I came away with some lovely images.

Would absolutely recommend and hopefully we'll work together again soon.

Thank you :-)

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trebor images

Had my first shoot with Atalanta today with Irida S at AURA studios at a Thomas Holm duo erotic workshop. Atalanta worked across three different sets - giving everyone the opportunity to work with both models and various poses. Atalanta worked hard to get the shots I was looking for and contributed her ideas into the shoots. It was a great day with plenty of fun and laughs along the way. highly recommended !!

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Amazilia Photography

This was my second shoot with Atalanta, and it really made me wonder why I had left it so long before booking my second shoot!

We did a half day natural nudes in nature shoot in Atlanta’s amazing very private garden. There were so many shoot possibilities at this location, that I was seriously spoilt for choice!

Atalanta is a thoroughly professional, and very experienced model; her 400 positive references are testament to that. She is also very friendly and personable, and incredibly easy to work with at a fast pace.

She runs seemingly effortlessly through series after series of really beautiful poses, making her such a joy to work with.

I thoroughly enjoyed my second shoot with Atalanta, and am delighted with the very high number of quality images that we created.

I certainly recommend working with Atlanta to other photographers, and very much hope to work with her again myself in the future.

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Saracen House Studio

Great having Atalanta back at Saracen House Studio last week for her shoot with David Atkinson. As always, Jade is just awesome to have around, she's funny and chatty, but brilliantly professional and with impeccable attention to detail.

Would always recommend Atalanta to any photographer and look forward to having her back at the studio again soon.

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Promo Photo

I had a lovely and relaxed shoot with the versatile Atalanta at her spacious location. we worked through a number of sets and themes, chatting away and I even got to shoot some arial images with my drone.

She was ready and prepared on my arrival and also served tea (always a bonus), we were lucky with the weather (forecast was less promising) and Atalanta had even been clearing some inside spaces in case they were needed.

Happy to recommend Atalanta to all looking for a professional classical figure model.

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Wow at last a shoot with Atalanta. Superb model, puts all into getting the images as best as possible. So easy to work with and happy to chip in with ideas, which is great. Comms were excellent, as were directions on the day. First meeting but it seemed like we were old friends.

Happy to highly recommend Atalanta. :)

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It had been far too long since my last shoot with Atalanta - a delay exacerbated by lockdowns. This was a 5 hour shoot at the ever excellent Natural Light Spaces, shared with Kristin@WestFive.

Pre-shoot comms were excellent, and on the day, Atalanta arrived early, with all of the outfits we had discussed, plus a huge choice of alternatives - much more than we could ever shoot in the time.

Atalanta is a talented professional, who can cover multiple genres. She is an excellent fashion model, but also has a great figure for Art Nude and many genres in between. Most importantly, she is a joy to work with and is highly recommended.

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My 4 hour shoot with Atalanta was a great learning experience for me. Outdoors (I normally shoot in a studio), new camera and flash, lots of interesting locations within a large private garden. Not to mention two cute puppies. Atalanta was excellent and helpful throughout. The range of clothing she brought to the shoot fully met the brief. I easily got all the images I had hoped, and almost learned how to use fill flash! I am happy to recommend Atalanta.

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Simon Carter

Another fab shoot with the lovely Atalanta :)

It's difficult to add something which hasn't been said before.. let's see..

Atalanta is lovely! Her home is fab! Her garden is awesome! Her clothing collection is epic! Her capacity for tea knows no bounds!

Book her without delay :)

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paul rolph

Had a great shoot with Atalanta very easy to get along with we had a good chat and she was happy to work with my simple photo ideas. We shot at her house which has a massive garden and woods with plenty of background options. Very friendly and welcoming and professional just great to work with.

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Atalanta and I chatted for a long time on Facebook before we managed to arrange a shoot at her home. She is a most warm and welcoming host and we were chatting away over coffee for ages.

She had exactly the type of outfits we'd discussed which fitted the looks I wanted to achieve perfectly.

We wandered around the beautiful grounds chatting and shooting as we went. We had a break for coffee during a short downpour of rain and then continued.

I shot a mixture of digital and film and the digital results are outstanding. I'm still waiting for the 2 rolls of film to come back from the developers to see how they came out.

All in all a great shoot and I'd happily shoot with Atalanta again.

Thanks Atalanta for welcoming me into your home and for the great shoot.

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Simon Carter

I love working with Atalanta! She's such a positive person to be around. I was lucky she got in touch when I put out a last minute casting.

She really knows her body and how to use it to convey mood and emotion - whether that's cool and dignified fashion or something much more emotive and grungy.

Atalanta also has an amazing wardrobe. If you're not careful she'll bring everything to your shoot!!

Totally recommended :)

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It's been way too long since i last shot with Atalanta.An amazingly talented model with a wicked sense of humour. Time goes way too fast shooting with this awesome model and she had to put up with me all day.A real chatterbox and a fantastic model. Here's to next time.

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I had a really great shoot on Sunday with Atalanta at Pathway Studios in Chester. We got through a ton of looks and lighting set ups during the time shooting some moody fashion nude.

Atalanta is an amazing model who I was excited to work with and she didn't dissapoint one bit - she just knows what to do and it really shows how highly skilled she is in front of camera. She's a delight to shoot with and such a fun, chatty, really friendly and and all around great person to work with:)

I would highly recommend anybody to work with Atalanta 100% and would love to again myself sometime in the future.

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Had a great shoot wit Atalanta at Patheays in Chester, really chatty friendly and keen make great images, came away with a good set of pictures, she has an amazing figure which lends itself to all sorts of ideas. Highly recommended!

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Dave KevD

A wonderful shoot with Atalanta, she arrived with lots of outfit choices and added her own thoughts and ideas throughout. An absolute chatterbox she is fun to work with and comes highly recommended.

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