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photo-ton has 23 references; 23 recommended, 0 not recommended, 0 late cancellations, and 0 no-shows.

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Worked together 1 time ! Most recent! Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did ! Very glad to know you as photographer and person ! And I hope see you soon again !

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Had a lovely short shoot in the studio with him we did some glamour and very light bondage images. Everything at the shoot was fine! No problems to leave a reference.

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Something About Olive

Had a great shoot this afternoon with Ton. Communication prior to shoot was fantastic, he collected me from the station which I really appreciated and was chatty and very funny throughout the whole day. He had loads of ideas and outfits to play with and the time totally flew! I would highly recommend and hope we can work together again soon

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E n g l i s h r o s e

I had a great pleasure working with photo ton, he is so kind to kind treated me with respect and had nice ideas to shoot. Would love to repeat! and would highly recommend working with him.

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Silas Sylvina

My photoshoot expierence with photo-ton was great! He's a sweet guy who knows how to crack a joke. The overal workflow was smooth, fun and very respectful!

Definitly recommended!

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Roswell Ivory

Another great shoot with Ton! He's lovely, a total gentleman who made sure I was comfortable and happy, communicated well and provided some beautiful outfits as well as water and snacks. He's mindful of my comfort levels and shooting together flows really well. I'd be delighted to work together again. :)

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Liz Rainbow

Had a shoot today with him and he is such a lovely person and so easy to work with :) would do it again for sure!

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Lizzie Elizabeth

I had a lovely shoot with Ton on my shot trip to Holland! he is so fun and always laughing and joking. He had lots of ideas when shooting and I would recommend any model to shoot with him! Hopefully work with you again sometime x

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Gabriella Knight

Fantastic first shoot with Ton and hopefully not the last! Such a lovely and respectful photographer!

Has so many amazing ideas and his props collection is just everything!:)

I would love to shoot with Ton again!

Highly recommended

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Ton is a dude!

Wonderful to work with and very chatty, he puts me instantly at ease and is fun to work with - respectful, fun and has a way with the camera :)

Entirely recommended by moi, Ton is such a lovely fellow and I've had some awesome shoots with him!

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Julia Green

Ton is very friendly and we shot with a lot of colourful dresses!

The shoot was really a lot of fun because he seems to always be in a good mood and makes you feel comfortable. The pictures turned out to be really nice as well! Some in color and some in black and white, quiet original ones with ice cubs (but I didn't suffer during the shoot don't worry). Definitely a nice photographer to work with. Recommended to all models.

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Nicole Rayner

I had the absolute pleasure of shooting with Ton during my tour to the Netherlands ! He shot myself and Rachelle Summers as a duo! We had 2 hours together and it was a really wonderful enjoyable shoot! :D

Ton Arrived having done a lot of research and preparation for the shoot which was just fantastic!! He brought images of the location and knew what he wanted to shoot and where! He also brought his own lighting with him which he set up very quickly ! It was really useful; during the shoot and helped us create some wonderful images! I loved what i saw on the back of the camera! Ton was respectful and professional throughout !

I do hope i can shoot with Ton again! Happily recommended

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Rachelle Summers

I had my second shoot with Ton on my recent trip to the Netherlands, this time a duo shoot with Nicole Rayner :)

Ton turned up super prepared with images of the location and knowing exactly where he wanted to do the different sets. He brought his own lighting with him, which came in handy as although the place had good natural light it was unfortunately quite dull the day we shot. After setting up his lights we worked through the different looks/sets he wanted to achieve and the 2 hours flew by :)

Happily recommended and hopefully see him next time I visit!

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Nicole Rayner

I had a my first shoot with Ton when I visited Holland this week. We shot at a great location where Tom used the space well as well as bringing lights which he set up to create some fab lighting. Ton arrived with a great plan, which included shots of the location and arrows of scantly where he wanted to shoot! He also brought some duo images which included specific poses he wanted us to do!

Ton was relaxed during the shoot and was considerate of levels, as when he asked if I would do bondage images he respected that I would not - making it a bit of a joke for the rest of the shoot :') Ton had a great energy about him - he was very happy and laughed lots during the shoot! The images looked great on the back of the camera and I'd shoot with Ton again.

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Roswell Ivory

I had a fantastic first shoot with Ton when I visited Holland this week. We shot at his beautiful home and the area outside, in the sun. Ton is full of ideas, mindful of my levels and comfort, and passionate about his photography. It was a pleasure to shoot with him and i would recommend him 100%. Thankyou Ton! :)

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Bad Dolly

Another fantastic shoot in Holland with Ton, who is an absolute pleasure to work with! Ton is so respectful and polite, has great ideas and is very organised.

He bought along some props for the shoot which I loved modelling, and I just had a great 2 hours :)

I would shoot with Ton any day of the week! Xx

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I got booked by the awesome photographer a few days ago in Holland and has a wonderful shoot with him!

He is courteous, professional and very laid back - bringing awesome bits and bobs to shoot, using the scenes beautifully :)

The images looked fab on the back of camera, I wholeheartedly recommend this lovely photographer to all models!

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Excellent first shoot with Ton during my tour of the Netherlands with model Aurora Violet. Myself and Aurora shot with Ton as a duo doing a mixture of art nude, lingerie, soft erotic and bondage style poses. He was very easy to work with and gave us direction when required. Highly recommended to any model touring the Netherlands.

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Aurora Violet

I met and worked with Ton recently for the first time during my very first tour in Den Haag, Holland with Miss Sassy Su in an apartment we had hired for a few days.

Miss Sassy Su and I did a duo shoot with Ton and it was a pleasure to work with him taking some beautiful images and he was so chatty and fun to work with. Arriving on time with lots of enthusiasm and energy to get some great images with us in our large, modern apartment. His pre shoot communications were superb and it was really easy to arrange our booking with him. Ton was very good at giving direction and had lots of ideas plus he let our poses flow easily.

Our shoot flew by so quickly and I cannot wait to work together again in the future either as a duo or a solo shoot. A complete gentleman and very respectful, Ton is so friendly and really nice to spend your time shooting with.

We had a very productive morning and I look forward to seeing some of the results.

I highly recommend Ton to all creatives and do not miss out on working with this professional and fantastic photographer. If you are a travelling model you will be in safe hands with Ton.

Until next time.

Thank you,

Aurora :)

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Sophia Smith

Ton yaaaaaay! What a super shoot, Ton planned everything well and gave me mood boards of what he wanted to achieve. He had clear ideas which he executed well. He has wonderful manners and I would definitely recommend him!

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