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I met Hannah at Fareham studio at one of their group shoot events. Hannah is such a friendly and hard working model, she is a joy to shoot with and makes sure you always get the perfect shot. She doesn't really need any directions but when suggested she is great at executing them. Her make-up and outfit choices were always great also. I would not hesitate to recomend Hannah as a model, she is a genuinely fun person to work with and the time flew by.

I definitely hope to work with her again soon!

Thanks for a great shoot! :)

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Ashley Scott Photos

I had the pleasure of photographing Hannah at Fareham Studio during a group shoot.

Hannah is a funny and cheerful person and this showed through-out the evenings shoot, Her Make-up, hair and outfits were all on point for the shoot plan.

Luckily Hannah is more than capable of posing herself, but can take direction if given.

I highly recommend Hannah as a model, and I hope to shoot with her again.

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I had my second shoot with Hannah, being a group shoot at Fareham Studio.

Hannah was superb in every way - fun, relaxed and aiming to give every photographer amazing images to take away - and that aim was very much achieved. We shot three separate sets, all very different and all beautifully posed by Hannah.

She is great to shoot with - needs no direction but always happy to be directed. A lovely person and is so good in front of the camera

Can’t wait to shoot with Hannah again - definitely recommended

Many thanks for another great shoot

Nick (apologies for not doing your reference sooner - I thought I had already completed it 🙄)

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I had the pleasure of meeting and shooting Hannah for the first time on an evening shoot arranged by Sinopa Rin at Fareham Studio.

Hannah was a pleasure and joy to work with being professional and fun whilst working through different poses over three different sets. She is very happy to try different poses or accessories as well as free style herself. Her clothing, hair and makeup was to a very high standard and the images we produced were fabulous.

She is a model I would love to work with again and so look forward to another shoot. I would recommend Hannah very highly.

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Nigel Boulton

Hannah has been on my top 10 "Want to work with" list for ages. I finally got around to actually working with her this week,

SO worth the wait.

Hannah is incredibly professional and extremely good at what she does. She is chatty and confident which makes working with her so easy.

Minimal direction is needed as she can pose and interpret what you are after very easily.

In short she is a great person to work with and I got some great images from our shoot.

We have discussed another shoot for the Spring and I am now back to waiting patiently for the chance to work with her again.

Hannah comes HIGHLY recommended from me .Do yourself a huge favour and book this model immediately, you will not regret it.

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Thanks again Hannah for another amazing time as always 🙂

To all creatives you must book this amazing girl she is just awesome!!!!

I had the honour to have known and worked with Hannah for the past 6 years when we both roughly joined PP which is crazy to think that's how fast time has gone. Over that time we have done numerous shoots. Hannah basically has been there at the beginning when I started trying to gain skills in this industry and she has been amazing putting up with the terrible shots I did back in the day when I had no idea about lenses, lighting or exposure and for not minding me using a non pro camera with a sensor smaller than micro 4/3.

Hannah put up with all of that and has been a huge help with my career as we did very daring experimental pieces in the past. Over these years she is still the fun, humble young lady that she was when we first met. Just very intellectual, intelligent, funny and super down to earth.

On this shoot we haven't seen each other in a while due to of course 2020 and our natural busy lives but we spoke about doing a beach shoot something I never done but always wanted to do and Hannah was so into the idea so we picked this day and I went to Hove and while it wasn't overly warm the weather was just right with thick clouds and the sun setting down giving us amazing light and Hannah threw herself into it. One of the things that Hannah did spontaneously was get into the cold sea which was not planned (was just going to be on the beach only) and she allowed the waves to engulf her while I caught these amazing shots.

She even went under the sea, walked on the hard pebbles but still posed gracefully despite she started to get cold but as always her expressions, poses and experience made this our best project yet and I am so happy with what we created.

She was amazing as always and the shots look amazing!!!!

After the shoot we had a catch up before I left and was just a great time in general. The only regret was that we didn't have more time but that's always the case.

I'm thankful for her for giving me this opportunity to shoot something different and being so patient with me as always and I look forward to doing more projects with her as time goes by.

Any photographer is lucky to work with her and I will work towards creating another set with her in the near future. If you have been considering an idea with her book her now as you won't regret it and not only will you have some great shots but just an amazing time being in her company and having great laugh with some great chats 🙂

Truly one of the best people I ever worked with 🙂

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Hannah and I had been threatening to work together for years, but train service disruptions and a global pandemic conspired against us.

I can safely say that the wait was worth it !

Hannah is absolutely lovely, fascinating to talk to, takes direction well, has great ideas of her own, and is a joy to photograph.

Thank you ! :)

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Fareham Studio

We booked Hannah for a group shoot recently and wow, what a star she is! With cheekbones that could cut glass, a suitcase bursting with gorgeous pieces and a fantastic sense of humour, she is a superb choice for any photographer. We shot a variety of looks/sets with 4 photographers and Hannah was friendly, hard-working and enthusiastic throughout. The result was lots of amazing images and very happy customers. We look forward to welcoming Hannah back soon and thoroughly recommend her to all!

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Steve Farrell

My first shoot with Hannah, during a group shoot, arranged by Sinopa Rin, at Fareham Studio.

Hannah arrived with a beaming smile, with make up immaculately applied. Rin set up a number of styles and Hannah was superbly attired for each set.

I had a lot of fun shooting with Hannah and she has the ability to laugh out loud, then back into the serious posing zone within seconds. Which made me laugh at how good she was with her professionalism. We chatted during the shoot and she is a very interesting young lady.

I am delighted with the images we captured and would therefore have no hesitation in shooting with her again.

Due to a holiday a day after the shoot, I have only just got around to seriously editing the images and Hannah shines through like a beacon.

Hannah is great to work with, so would happily recommend to any photographer to book a shoot. You will not be disappointed.

Thank you Hannah...

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Had an amazing group shoot at Fareham Studio with the wonderful Hannah.

Hannah was superb throughout, and we covered a number of styles, sets and genres during the shoot. Hannah was totally relaxed, always professional and an absolute pleasure to shoot with.

I have only just properly viewed the images and they are so beautiful - I couldn’t be happier.

Amazing model with a fantastic look and style

I truly hope I have the chance to work with Hannah again soon. Totally recommended.


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Had an amazing first shoot with Hannah at a a group shoot at Fareham Studio, organised by Sinopa Rin - Hannah arrived with incredible Gothic styling, makeup and accessories and brought a series of different sets to life with some awesome posing - Hannah totally smashed the shoot and was an absolute joy to work with! :-) Totally recommended and am already organising another shoot with Hannah! :-)

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JASC Photography

We had a shoot with Hannah in Brighton this morning after she responded to one of our castings. Impressed with her superb communication, the efficiency in her planning and she turned up before we did (which is a first for a model) with a whole suitcase of outfits. Hannah was also very helpful for a couple of south coast newbies in sorting out locations.

In a nutshell a fun but highly productive couple of hours with a very professional, personable and talented model. We totally recommend.

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Had a fantastic shoot with Hannah. Arrived on time.

Everything that I asked for was in the case and more.

Happy to work with and without direction.

Highly recommend to any Photographer.

Thank you for a Fab shoot.

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I had an great shoot with Hannah a few weeks ago.

Her communications are excellent, she completely understood and added to the brief, came with a range of outfits to use and poses effortlessly.

Hannah is friendly, professional and I would highly recommend shooting with her if you have the chance.

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Nils Bratby

Had my first shoot with Hannah this Sunday and loved every minute of it. A excellent model, loads of fun and a joy to shoot with. Pre-shoots communications were excellent and Hannah arrived on time and ready to rock with just the right attitude.

Already looking at booking a second shoot and happy to recommend. Hannah kicks ass, book her.

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Great shoot with Hannah who, as well are being beautiful, has a lovely personality and contributed to the process with her own creativity and charisma.

Highly recommended.

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Another great shoot with Hannah at the studio. I knew from the start that she had the perfect look for a theme I was working on, and luckily for me she was immediately on board and was able to arrange a trip to London for this shoot.

Beautiful model, easy to work with and professional. Highly recommended!

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Hannah is a beautiful, charming and intelligent young lady. She was professional and fun to work with - arriving on time with good pre-comms.

She followed direction well - also using her experience to pose herself and help inspire ideas and contribute to a throughly great and varied shoot. Recommend and would work work again.

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Andy Matthews

I had my first shoot with Hannah at a recent vintage inspired theme group shoot with Angel. Hannah was friendly, fun and very easy to get on with the whole time. She poses very well, has a lovely figure, and a great look. I would highly recommend her, and wouldn't hesitate to book another shoot with her.

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Had the pleasure of working with this gorgeous girl today!

She arrived on time, pre comms were excellent and has an amazing attitude. She is positive, fun and great to work with, full of poses and expressions.

Not only is she flawless but an interesting and intelligent person to engage with!

It's nice to meet another science nerd :D

Highly recommend Hannah, top class model :)


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