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I noticed Artemis had a last minute casting up for the Boardroom in Derby so I lept at the chance to shoot with her again. We had shot many times in the past but not for several years so was great to catch up.

Artemis's comms were very prompt, and all styling was supplied on the day. Artemis has an eye for detail and knows her light and composition, an ideal person to work with as she makes taking great images very easy.

Thank you for a great day, hopefully there will not be such a gap between shoots next time :)

Throughly recommended :)

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Alan Walker ( AWimagez )

Well what can I say that has not been said about Artemis?

I had a fantastic shoot today at The Boardroom Studio with Artemis, was a bit of a last minute as Sarah was in the area visiting, and Ivoryflame dropped me a message to see if we could arrange something. So I dropped a message with instant response, and then grabbed some ideas. I had a set in mind so I went with my ideas and popped them over so we could get styling sorted. This was the first proper time we had met, but it honestly felt I had known her for ages. Sarah having done remote shooting had a good eye to help with compositions after showing back of camera. I had a fantastic time and loved the results. Going to be hard to choose which is good. I can't believe I had not shot before and now feel like I have missed out, but good things come to those that wait.

Here's to the next time :)

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Sam Barton

I had an awesome shoot with Artemis yesterday. It was a bit of a last minute thing, I had a free weekend and was keen to shoot and luckily she was available. I sent over a few ideas for clothes, looks and also hair styles and she was able to compliment all of the things I had in mind with outfits and accessories to match. We'd not met before, but it was clear that she is an exceptional model with so much experience, both in front of but also behind the camera. She'd often watch the way the light was pointing to ensure she was positioned correctly before I could check myself. The other quality that was a pleasant surprise was her joy of styling a look, she really understood the inspiration images I had and came with some outfits to enhance the same look. Then once set up we'd both collaborate on how to shape the image to complete it. It's really nice when you connect with a model and both strive toward achieving a great image.

Our session ended with a rich collection of images that I will enjoy editing over the coming days and likely weeks. Thank you Artemis for being fabulous. You really made my weekend!

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Had a remote shoot with Artemis fauna last Friday. went very well with the help of Artemis.Model,prop lady,and technician. I'm not good at Tech!

we want for a 70's theme.

pre comms were excellent.

2 hours went very quick. I'm very pleased with the Images taken.

very Professional and Highy Recommended

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Gary Stuart

A wonderful day spent with two lovely ladies in a duo shoot with artemis and Carla. Although it was a relaxed shoot we achieved some outstanding images.

Pre comms with artemis was excellent as me and artemis had previously agreed the themes using mood boards - which artemis passed onto Carla- just to show how thourgh and professional artemis is.

The shoot flowed from one idea/set to the next with with ease.

Artemis is a lovely lady and wow she an awesome model but I don't need to tell anyone who has worked with her that.

And to anyone who hasn't you're missing out big time.

Awesome shoot with an awesome model.

Thank you so much it was an absolute pleasure.

Until the next time


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I had a fantastic duo shoot with Artemis and Rachyy Model and together we created some fabulous Duo and Solo images.

Artemis as always brought creativity, professionalism, fun and high energy.

I have shot with Artemis many times and each one is always a very positive and productive session.

Highly recommended.

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Another great remote with Artemis, but today she was doing a duo shoot with Rachyy and it was their first time together. Artemis has a great remote setup and I knew we going to have a great shoot. Her and Rachyy worked together as if they had been for years. Lots of creativity and laughs.

As always, I can recommend Artemis for both remotes and in person shoots.

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Kevin Connery

I worked with Artemis on our 3rd remote session, this one at Neon Dreams Studio and going for a bunch of different futuristic/sci-fi looks, and she nailed them all. Whether subtle or over-the-top, she brought all the right expressions for each 'story', and, of course, her posing was equally on-point.

Funny, fully-prepared, creative, and great to work with: highly recommended!

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AJ Charlton

I had my first shoot with Artemis. We worked together at a studio and did a number of different sets and styles. Artemis is a fantastic model. Her expressions and commitment to the poses created images that I am thrilled with.

Artemis was funny and talkative - I can't help but recommend her to others to work with.

I'm looking forward to the next photoshoot together 😊

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It was great to work with Artemis again via remote when she posted seeing if anyone wanted to do a Halloween themed shoot. Having worked with Artemis both in person and remotely over time, I knew she was going to give not just 100% but more to produce styling, sets, etc she normally does once we had settled on the looks we were going to try from a mood board. We went with a Wednesday Addams look for the first look, then a combination of her ALIEN look from her trips with a vampire twist since Artemis said she'd been both separately but not combining the two styles. Lastly we went with a bit of Bride of Frankenstein, a bit of vampire and her widows look from her trips.

The results were great, weird, and creative as we had both hoped for. Always a pleasure to shoot with someone as creative as Artemis and hopefully I'll get back to shooting with her in person in the future. I can highly recommend her for both in person and remote shoots so if you haven't worked with her yet, do so. You will get awesome results.

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Capture 77

I cant put into words the incredible modeling talent that is Artemis Fauna. She is truly on another level when it comes to her craft, certainly a Master Craftswoman of her trade without any question of a doubt. I can only say, if you want the ultimate shoot experience, then you will certainly get it with Artemis, she has an in depth understanding of light and positioning and this really is the difference between a good picture and a bad picture, her posing ability is one of the best you will ever get in this industry, her years of experience both in front of and behind the camera are invaluable on a shoot and this guarantees great images. I would put my money on the presumption that everyone walks away from a shoot with Artemis saying to themselves "WOW"!!!!.

Her home studio is a fantastic location to shoot in, she has beautiful conservatory at the rear of the property which is South facing and casts wonderful shadows across the room from the roof bars, she has a really spacious kitchen with windows to the side and rear, beautiful reflective tiles on the floor which can make for some really interesting shots, a great hallway for those lovely drawn in long shots, a wonderful bedroom with some beautiful props that fit right into a glamour penthouse set from the 70's, with light from the side and rear and downstairs she has a studio room with backdrops and continuous lights etc. A wonderful location that is well worth the visit.

100% recommended by me, I absolutely love shooting with Artemis and cant wait for the next one. Thank you again for a wonderful shoot I loved every minute of it :)

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Alec Hunter

My first shoot with Artemis Fauna and all my expectations were more than met. The communication before during and after the shoot were excellent. Artemis is very friendly and after just a few minutes it felt like we were old friends. Everything was already set up and we started shooting after we had discussed various ideas and potential shooting spaces. We started off shooting and Artemis moved smoothly from pose to pose. Artemis is outstandingly beautiful and with her posing ability this is a winning combination. We shot a variety of levels and Artemis had superb outfits to fit each set. Time flew by very productively and far too soon the shoot came to the end. Artemis sent me the images a few hours after the shoot and I can’t wait to download them as they looked fabulous in our reviews. I had such a good time with Artemis and we have already arranged another shoot for October when we can fit it in. Many thanks Artemis you were awesome. ❤️

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Oliver Godby

I already knew what a joy it is to work with Artemis, I was lucky enough to be one of the photographers on her 70s Penthouse shoot a couple of years ago at which I got to work with her for the first time. What can I say that has not been said about Artemis Fauna..? Professional, creative, inventive, beautiful, accomplished as a model and fully comfortable and resourceful in front of the camera - to work with her is to have all the advantages one could ask for in a collaborator.

The whole day that we spent making art, today, was a joy - if you haven’t worked with her before, I promise you her reputation is fully deserved. If you have worked with her before you know and I cannot possibly tell you anything other than “she just gets better, book her again!”

Artemis, thanks so much for a fun and fulfilling day of shooting - I hope that our paths cross again soon, and that we will be able to make more art together; all the best!

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Donald Sutherland

Artemis Fauna, look her up in the dictionary and it'll say creative, dedicated, determined, original, organised, professional, resilient, resourceful in business, kind, funny and down to earth as a person. You'll probably find beautiful in there too.

We've shot a few times -I've known her longer than I've been on PP- but never in my back yard. I won't dwell on her sad loss and personal tragedy with the sudden passing of Iain T. I'd rather raise a toast to a departed friend. That she has single handed kept their business going shows her depth of character, her desire not to let her customers down.

Our first morning's 27 degrees saw us high on the moors looking over to the mountains in the north west. Our vibe was my heritage, my country which Artemis interpreted with a mix of soft and gentle and high energy fashion and nudes.

Dawn on day two saw her producing fantastic artistic and powerful poses amongst the standing stones and cairns. An unexpected occupant at our second stop meant a change of direction and reserve location one coming online. Put out - not a bit, she totally rocked it as if it was planned all along.

Our last afternoon saw us deep in a verdant forest whilst the thunder crashed around us, cut and run - not this girl. She still wanted to check the back of camera in case we needed any reshoots!

I'll gladly add my total recommendation to all the others for this complete package, she's a don't miss on anyone's list.

So my friend Artemis, thank you, stay safe and come again please.

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I had a shoot with Artemis on Friday and it was a blast we shot some great images and had a good blether as well.

It was great catching up with her and working with a professional model that gives 100% all of the time and works with the photographer to ensure we both get images we are happy with.

I'm now looking forward to booking a space on 1 of her photographic trips in 2023 and I know it will be a blast.

I can Highly recommend Artemis.

Catch up again soon.

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Well, what can I say that that hasnt already been said numerous times already. I traveled especially to shot with Artemis on a Saturday on a day she wasnot busy with her own photography or not already booked. The Trip was worth its weight in Gold just to meet her let alone get incredible images from the shoot.

Booked her for some 1-2-1 tuition as rhere no harm in gaining a bit more experince and knowledge off an incredible model and photographer.

Artemis was a complete joy to work with and learn some skills from. She was very keen to make sure that I got the best images possible.

Honestly cannot thank her enough for the amazing shoot and just being and incredible person to work with and meet finaly!

Creative, Inspiring, Joyful, Professional and a truely Lovely Person to be around.

Thats how well our shoot went that on my Journey home to South Wales I had a massive Grin on my face for the entire journey, Thats how much of a possitive impact working with Artemis was.

Thank You so much for working with me, Look forward to organising working with you again!

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Bob Jack the Smudger

From the moment I arrived Artemis aimed to please and through her knowledgeable skills as an organizer, model and photographer, please she did, and the pleasure was all mine. As the first photographer to use the new abode as a backdrop, location was Art's second consideration, lighting was Arts' third, my comfort was her first concern throughout the whole three hour session, attentiveness like this is part of personality and Artemis has delightful personality to spare. Time evaporated in her company via the creative process interacting, building on these captivating collective moments while working together.

Professionalism oozes from Artemis's pores as easily as her beautiful reflection in a mirror, it's part of her structural anatomy. Her welcoming smile sets one at ease, that time spent would be used productively, and it was, the shots we developed were to increase my style, a small change here a variation there, so simple yet so helpful and useful, just wonderful to see ones requests confidently reflected with ease.

The measure of character is how we say goodbye, I am pleased to have met Artemis and the lasting impression I am left with is , I would love to do it all over again and that speaks volumes.

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Jonathan Frings

Second shoot with Artemis, this time at her 70s House event. Artemis worked very hard to ensure that the event went off very well, with plenty of suitable clothing options to match the styling of the house.

It was an excellent event and I got pictures I'm very happy with.

Working with Sarah is always a joy, and I look forward to the next time.

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Andy Houghton Photography

I had my first photoshoot with Artemis Fauna (together with Carla Monaco and Natasha J Bella) at the 70s House in Manchester, as part of a Seventies-themed event organised by Artemis.

From start to finish it was an outstanding photoshoot. Comms in the run-up to the event were excellent and everything was brilliantly organised. Artemis is the consummate professional and works incredibly hard to ensure not just that things run smoothly but also that everyone gets the shots they want.

Her own modelling is of course excellent - she has a seemingly endless range of poses and really knows how to bring all the elements together to get the best out of every shot.

Artemis also excels in creating a relaxed and fun atmosphere, and the whole experience was hugely enjoyable. I can't wait to work with her again.

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I had a wonderful duo shoot with the stunningly beautiful Artemis Fauna and Ivory Flame last Sunday. Pre-comms were excellent. It was a lovely day and both models moved seamlessly between shots creating some wonderful shapes and stunning images. This is the second time I have shot with Artemis in the last couple of months and I'm so looking forward to when we can shoot again. Artemis is a truly lovely person, stunningly beautiful and a great model who co-operatives brilliantly with the photographer. I had such a great day shooting with such stunning models as Artemis and Ivory Flame. Thank you so much for such a memorable day.

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