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Bohemian Beauties

Bohemian Beauties / Photography by IainT, Models Artemis Fauna, Models Ivory Flame, Stylist Artemisian Luxury Photographic Holidays / Uploaded 21st November 2018 @ 03:52 PM

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Image taken during the latest Luxury All- Inclusive Photographic holiday to Portugal.

Our trips offer incredible and unrivaled shooting opportunities- every fine detail is thought out for the photographers. Styling, themes, locations all pre scouted- at an incredible price!

This was taken at a Horse riding Ranch in the middle of no where- all traditional tack, amazingly calm and beautiful horses- stunning golden light. We offer only the best on our holidays- want to see for yourself? PM me and I can send you details for our almost sold out 2019 trips to Tuscany... :)

Image by Iain, edit by me.