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Golden Goddesses

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Golden Goddesses / Photography by IainT, Models Artemis Fauna, Models Ivory Flame, Post processing by Artemis Fauna, Stylist Artemisian Luxury Photographic Holidays / Uploaded 16th October 2018 @ 04:22 PM

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Taken during a Gustav Klimt inspired set on the most recent Luxury All- Inclusive trip abroad we hosted in Portugal. We always host stylized themed shoots on our trips- we use inspiration from photographers and artists and with myself and Ivory Flame having art degrees AND being huge fans of Klimt- it seemed to make sense to celebrate that! :) This image was taken by Iain, but is heavily edited by myself. The original set Ivory and myself created was gorgeously gentle and golden- I just wanted to practice my (limited) Photoshop skills and play with Klimt's patterns and colours to create our very own Klimt esque 'painting'... Thank you to Ivory Flame for the help in making the set (bringing little trinkets that were perfect) and for of course, her very artistic eye. I hope you all like this as much as we do. :) To join us on our future trips- Tuscany is next year- PM me to be added to the mailing list! Limited slots left!

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YorVikIngYorVikIng said, 1564840714

Every time I see this picture I get a big smile on my face. It is amazingly good

JohnGJohnG said, 1550615050

This is incredibly good and so creative. I love Klimt and this is a great tribute to him

Miss Rogue RoseMiss Rogue Rose said, 1550610570

I adore Klimt too and recently visited his digital exhibition in Paris which ws amazing - as is this shot - well done all !

Dominic1Dominic1 said, 1550587706

Love this! Outstanding.

Di0nneDi0nne said, 1550563195

Outstanding image x

finstounfinstoun said, 1550561984

wonderful!; i tried this by projecting the Klimt onto the model and surround but it didn't work. this is awesome!

Gerrelle (Elle Gerr)Gerrelle (Elle Gerr) said, 1550561240

Love it

Alexandra Frances McCueAlexandra Frances McCue said, 1550526329

Killing it! This is truly creative and really well executed. Fantastic work team ♥

shoemonstershoemonster said, 1550517270

Absolutely incredible!

WayneSWayneS said, 1550517179

Wow...a riot of colour and just fab

trebor imagestrebor images said, 1550516129

Lovely image :)

CharlesPhotoCharlesPhoto said, 1550515118

Beautiful image

SomersetmanSomersetman said, 1550514704

Incredible! Love this so much

TinkerbellaTinkerbella said, 1550508843

I utterly adore this!

skypainterskypainter said, 1550506493

Gustav would have been proud of you both !Superb

Lilibeth Lilibeth said, 1550491420

Stunning shot

Michal JMichal J said, 1550490622

Really cool

Evie SiddalEvie Siddal said, 1550487960

Such an incredible image! I just can't look away. ♥

Sinopa RinSinopa Rin said, 1550487794

One of the best images on PP, without doubt.

blured visionblured vision said, 1550487356


CouscousdeluxCouscousdelux said, 1550485866


RR PhotographicRR Photographic said, 1550483952


Marc AyresMarc Ayres said, 1550483903

That is wonderful. Seriously good work, well done all

Wonderfully Wacky WebsterWonderfully Wacky Webster said, 1550483854


Amazilia PhotographyAmazilia Photography said, 1550483017

Wow...as a huge Klimt (and of course Schiele) fan, I love this. It is so good that even the tiny thumb nail screams exactly what it is - well done to all of you. Wonderfully creative work!

PeterFlisherPeterFlisher said, 1550481738


M e l a n yM e l a n y said, 1550481706

Such an exquisite image! Congratulations to all on the well-desever FPI

AvichanAvichan said, 1550481269


Amie BoultonAmie Boulton said, 1550480802

So much love for this!!

MikeyPMikeyP said, 1547243522

Fabulous work

MidgePhotoMidgePhoto said, 1546558354

Rather good.

YorVikIngYorVikIng said, 1546442840

Very Klimt-esque, and absolutely beautiful

Madame CeriseMadame Cerise said, 1546209885

beautiful and emotive

LightworksLightworks said, 1546205835


WavepowerWavepower said, 1546202793

Simply awesome! Surley an FPI, can't suggest

PapyPapy said, 1541947164

Delightful. Fantastic colours.

Dave GTDave GT said, 1541276895

Wow ! Art in the making!

Rebecca TunRebecca Tun said, 1540373836

brilliantly done

BBrooksBBrooks said, 1540137533

Brilliant, this should be on display in a gallery. It reminds me of when I studied Klimt's work during Art class at school. :-)

Nick StanbraNick Stanbra said, 1539872758

Perfect, Klimt himself could not have done better.

Natural Happy WomanNatural Happy Woman said, 1539807133


IainTIainT said, 1539755920

Brilliant. I take no credit for this image, I literally just lined up and pulled the trigger. Artemis and Ivory spent ages building the set, paying meticulous attention to detail and got it perfect. Then Artemis edited the finished image to perfection and the result is clearly worth all the effort.

❀ Chiara Toulouki Elisabetta ❀ Chiara Toulouki Elisabetta said, 1539736146

Omg! Totally recommended for FPI.. this is unreal! ♥



andrew james 71andrew james 71 said, 1539721136


John Adrian StudiosJohn Adrian Studios said, 1539716850

I love how you ( Artemis Fauna ) and Ivory Flame merge into the patterns.

playwithlightplaywithlight said, 1539716348

Zeus cried tears of passion and joy, the thunder of laughter boomed close by for angels from heaven descended from sky. They lay in colours rich in desire replicating the flames from the flickering fire. Together as one a dream does comes true oh how the legend of Gustav grew to a wider audience who never knew.

A Scorpion ResidenceA Scorpion Residence said, 1539714440


Steve LaytonSteve Layton said, 1539711783


TudurTudurTudurTudur said, 1539711598

Beautiful - already suggested.

An Eye for BeautyAn Eye for Beauty said, 1539711129

A very imaginative idea well executed.

Richard WakefieldRichard Wakefield said, 1539710869


Paul GH PhotographyPaul GH Photography said, 1539710504

Brilliant! Absolutely love it.

Joe BJoe B said, 1539710468


MrBarbuMrBarbu said, 1539710169


angusaangusa said, 1539709415


Ivory FlameIvory Flame said, 1539709197

So well done!!! Brilliant to see your vision, I'm so impressed with the amazing detail you've added, it's fantastically striking! What a wonderful homage. It was a joy to be part of! :-)

JeremyJeremy said, 1539708977

Phenomenal! Love it so much!

art65art65 said, 1539708530

Very well put together :)

M e l a n yM e l a n y said, 1539708340

Oh wow I adore this. Well done to you all.

DrewMacGDrewMacG said, 1539708311

Absolutely adore this. Beautiful

John McNairnJohn McNairn said, 1539708116

excellent :)

Images (Ray H )Images (Ray H ) said, 1539707754

Colourful ,enchanting and creative.