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You missed a bit...

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You missed a bit... / Photography by Eyas, Models Artemis Fauna, Models Ivory Flame / Uploaded 28th November 2017 @ 09:01 PM

Added 1511902909 by Artemis Fauna.

A fun image taken on the first ever duo event at my new home studio in North Wiltshire. Keep an eye out for future events! :)

Member Comments

Madame CeriseMadame Cerise said, 1565803107

Love this!! Well done everyone :)

StuArtful2StuArtful2 said, 1530915905


Lakeside ImagesLakeside Images said, 1530901600

Beautiful , will you come and clean my oven please !!

Speedy1Speedy1 said, 1530883200

What time will tea be tonight ? ;-)

Lilibeth Lilibeth said, 1530878798

Stunning shot

keri hamblykeri hambly said, 1530872605

Absolutely fabulous shot

Adrian GuestAdrian Guest said, 1530868238

Beautiful mono image, congrats all on the FPI

Andy OliverAndy Oliver said, 1530863496

Great image

Bettina_BBettina_B said, 1530862964

Haha I love this great concept

John McNairnJohn McNairn said, 1530860930

love this one

❀ Chiara Toulouki Elisabetta ❀ Chiara Toulouki Elisabetta said, 1530857861

Stunning photo, executed & processed beautifully.. nice work, team. Well deserved FPI :)

TrevorRTrevorR said, 1530857390

I never realised I had to have someone clean my cooking food machine :-)

LionworksLionworks said, 1530856524

Clearly failed to read the health and safety instructions, no gloves, no protective eyewear, the footwear is completely inappropriate for maintenance and hygiene operatives, what happened to the hair net? Additionally a foot on the arse is not sufficient fall restraint to prevent a nasty accident. This needs reporting. Very disappointing.

Baltic BeautyBaltic Beauty said, 1512084276


Leon TJ PhotoLeon TJ Photo said, 1511988882

Mega, love it!

BanjoboyBanjoboy said, 1511918063

Can't wait for the next instalments.

Images (Ray H )Images (Ray H ) said, 1511914647

Great concept. with creative humour and talent !

blured visionblured vision said, 1511912570

this is great

angusaangusa said, 1511907664


Paul GH PhotographyPaul GH Photography said, 1511907045

I've always been frightened of Artemis Fauna. Now I'm frightened of Ivory Flame as well!!!!!!

JianJian said, 1511904954


mikewphotographymikewphotography said, 1511904928

Love this.....great stuff :)

StevedbStevedb said, 1511904569

Kim and Agie move over! stunning work all involved

TravellerTraveller said, 1511903954

Ladies. Please come and sort out my kitchen!A couple of days will sort it ! Lol. Great fun

andrew james 71andrew james 71 said, 1511903760

Gorgeous. Domestic goddess

Capture 77Capture 77 said, 1511903310

Excellent work

Ged Carton PhotographyGed Carton Photography said, 1511903262


Simes HimselfSimes Himself said, 1511903123

Absolutely LOVE this!!

Shawn Spencer-SmithShawn Spencer-Smith said, 1511903034

great framing