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Irida S

I had such a fun and productive photoshoot with Arne yesterday from Space63 in London.

Arne contacted me on Tuesday interested in booking me for shoot while he was visiting London.

Pre comma were first class and I was really looking forward to our shoot.

On the day Arne and Tor arrived on time and we pretty much began shooting from the minute we got at the studio.

Arne is full of life and positive energy, so easy to work with professional and with a good eye for cropping and capturing beautiful photos!

Very happy to highly recommend to all models

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After some very quick comms, Arne was on his way to the uk. As Arne is not from around this way, I suggested a location and we where on are way. Arne and his friend where very friendly and professional. We got some great images and look forward to working with Arne next year. I would totally recommend Arne to any model. Thank u for a great shoot and it was lovely to meet you x

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Natasha J Bella

I worked with Arne on my trip to Oslo. He is a lovely person, very interesting and had good shoot ideas. We got on really well, I loved the images and would welcome any opportunity to work with him again

Highly recommended.

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Roswell Ivory

I had a great shoot with Arne when I visited Oslo- assisted by Tor Kasa, we went to visit some beautiful historical locations and shot a wide range of fashion outfits there in the two hours we had. I'd be absolutely delighted to work with Arne again- thankyou for such a fun shoot. :)

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Arne is lovely person. I really like to work with him. Highly recommended. All the best to you. Denisa / www.denisastrakova.com

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Naked Soul

"I say he is incredible all round. A great photographer and first of all a great person. we had a great time shooting and created some fantastic shots. Pre communications were good, 100% professional."

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