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I attended Arabella's Noir Night workshop and had a great experience. Arabella provided good comprehensive instructions and equipment guidance prior to the shoot and was there on time. Besides being very professional, she was warm, friendly and very chatty through-out the shoot which made it a very relaxed evening. She had very good knowledge of the area we were shooting in, so we moved from location to location to get different and varied shots. She is also a photographer so it was very easy to talk to her about lighting, and what was working in the various locations and what else we could try. I really enjoyed working with Arabella, and hopefully will have chance to work with her again in the future.

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Thank you Arabella for such a great photo walk. Absolutely lovely person to chat with about all aspects of photography and the business. Will definitely book another shoot in the future, highly recommend to all.

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mike arthur-yates

Thank you Arabella for a great shoot.

I would strongly recommend Arabella for her commitment and professionalism.

Her knowledge and experience of photography makes the day so much better.

This was my first time working with her: and I truly hope we can make it a second time next year.

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Photographed by Paul Twells

I had a 1-2-1 shoot with Arabella styling bright and vibrant tops,legging and backdrop she was a very easy and chatty person to get on with, she offered good advice on lighting and camera setting. She offered some good advice on ideas that I had for other shoots; I would work with Arabella again.

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Kate Morris

Had my first shoot with Arabella today, a beautifully styled Vampire Queen inspired look. I'm only just coming back to shooting after about a year away and Arabella instantly put me at ease, friendly, welcoming and easy going we chatted our way through the shoot which really helped my nerves and helped me to relax. I never once felt pressured or rushed.

The shoot went well, pre shoot communication was excellent, styling was spot on and Arabella's knowledge of lighting is obvious, she was happy to help and make suggestions and advise where needed. She posed easily and definitly knows how to work angles and lighting on her features.

I would totally recommend Arabella, she was an absolute pleasure to work with, and I look forward to doing so again soon.

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Had my first shoot with Arabella on Saturday. She was so lovely and really knows her stuff, both in terms of styling / modelling and lighting. As a newbie I really feel I have learnt alot and I've also got loads of amazing photos I can slowly work my way through editing.

I only booked the hour but never felt rushed and we managed to go through all my ideas and each pose I asked for was done flawlessly.

I really hope I can work with Arabella in the future, she's lovely and I already feel my confidence has grown just from this one shoot.

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I had another remote shooting with Arabella on a vintage theme and some Hermit newton inspirated pictures.

Communication was perfect and professional, sure agreed with ideas and proposed suggestions to make it smoother. She prepared great sets, fabulous props and clothes. About Arabella as model, what can I say, she is far far higher than expectations, she is fabulous, no other word. Shooting with her in her studio is one of the best experiences you can have shooting with a model. Thanks again.

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I had my first shoot with Arabella at her residence, was a wonderful shoot and totally enjoyed working with her. I had such a warm welcome and the shoot went amazingly well as we managed to produce wonderful images. I cant put into words the incredible talent as she has an in depth understanding of light, which does makes a huge difference when capturing an image, her posing ability is resonates the years of experience she had both in front and behind the camera which were immaculately exceptional. I absolutely love shooting with Arabella and cant wait for the next one. Thank you again for a wonderful shoot I loved every minute of it .

Crispyportrait (Sid)

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Robert Mann MA

I recently joined Arabella for a remote shoot slot during her hats and headdresses themed studio day at her own studio, Studio Luminescence with Elle J and I am very glad I had the opportunity to do so, after having being unable to book for her previous studio day on the same theme. The natural and continuous light of her studio worked perfectly for the looks we were shooting and everything was set up expertly for me to shoot remotely. She wore a great selection of outfits and combined them with hats that perfectly complemented the looks. The styling was excellent and she was great with her posing as per usual, requiring little direction during the shoot. Working with Arabella felt relaxed and effortless as always, with communication flowing easily, and she worked brilliantly with Elle J, with us producing a mix of solo and duo images, with fantastic results from each. I enjoyed shooting with Arabella again and would definitely work with her again. Very highly recommended!

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James Box

This time I had a shoot with Arabella and Elle J, in Arabella’s studio.

It was the hats & headdresses theme.

Professional as always with Arabella, and her studio is a fantastic place to work with.

Arabella and Elle worked well together, and I got some duo and individual shots as well.

When Arabella has held these themed events, they are well planned, and she obviously knows what she is doing. From behind the camera as well, which is very useful when remote shooting.

I can highly recommend working with Arabella!

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What a beautiful lady in every sense. Polite, engaging, happy to pass on her expertise without being condescending, flows through posing effortlessly, a real joy to work with.

Really looking forward to working with Arabella again in her studio.

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Brian Tyler Photography

An excellent shoot, great conversation and a fantastic model. So nice to work on a one to one basis with such a professional model who also has a huge wealth of knowledge about the photography concept of the art form. would highly recommend Arabella for a shoot no matter what level photographer you are and would also recommend her photography workshops at Studio Luminescence.

Cant wait to shoot with Arabella again.

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A wonderful workshop, great for a beginner like myself. Arabella was absolutely charming and very patient. She talked me through the various stages, explaining the lighting and the various points of focus for shooting.

I will certainly be going back again.

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sd photography54

Worked with Arabella today for the first time at her lovely quaint studio, A great model knows how to pose, A lovely person to talk to as-well.

The two hours flew way to fast.

Thanks for a great shoot.

Well recommended to all photographers.

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Erik te Nijenhuis

Did follow Arabella’s work already for a longer time, but finally got the opportunity to meet and work together in a remote shoot with this awesome person. And best of all not once, but two times within a month! A total pleasure shooting with her, joyful, lively conversations, the right sense of humor, preparing with a lot of creativity great sets in advance, and is an awesome personality offering wonderful poses in a continuous flow. And it’s great to see that she not only is a great model, but in the way sets are prepared, the framing and control of light you can clearly detect that she’s skilled creative photographer herself too. All together factors for giving great results. Communications are also clear and nice in advance of a shoot. A total pleasure to meet and work together with Arabella, super professional and motivated to create the best.

More than 850 did it before, but I can just say no other than highly recommended, you should meet her and start working together.

Arabella, thanks again for the awesome shoots we had, and looking forward to the shoots to come!

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I'm really glad I went to Arabella's glorious, gorgeous tulle fantasy day at her lovely studio. She was lovely, looked amazing and it was great to learn from her valuable experience. I highly recommend Arabella, thanks very much.

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Amazilia Photography

I have now worked with Arabella on several occasions both indoors in studios, and also outdoors on location In the landscape and in nature. She is a very accomplished, experienced and hard-working model, who always worked tirelessly and with great determination to produce quality work.

Pre-shoot communications for this shoot were, as ever, excellent and Arabella was fully prepared and eager to start work, despite a very early start to the day.

I particularly appreciated that she had scouted locations and selected very good ones for the type of images I was hoping to produce.

Throughout our six hour session she produced a wonderful series of flowing poses, which were very harmonious with her natural surroundings.

Arabella is one of those true creatives, and as she is a very talented photographer as well as model, she can see things very clearly from both sides of the camera lens.

Not only was the Shoot very successful and productive, but it was also very easy and relaxing, as Arabella is such a personable model.

I very highly recommend working with Arabella to other photographers, and hope to do so again myself in the near future.

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A fairly hastily arranged shoot with the lovely Arabella. And what afantastic shoot it was. After chatting for a bit we selected some lingerie pieces and got to shooting. Arabella is a lovely lady, good conversationalist, good sense of humour, and is an absolute pro at posing for the camera.

The BOC shots were great and I don't envisage needing to do much editing, if any.

I could keep on using superlatives but there really isn't much point; I can summarise by saying that Arabella is easily one of the very best models it has been my pleasure to shoot with, and we will definitely work again, if Arabella wishes to do so.

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I had a great first shoot with Arabella.

What an absolute pleasure to work with, very easy to get on with.

Moves from great pose to great pose with so much ease, Quickly getting into the "mind-reading" vibe of what to do next.

Follows direction as well as suggesting poses and props we should use

Lovely bright, white, light studio space. absolute delight. Great little session, so many great shots.

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I had a great first shoot with Arabella.

She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to a shoot and is very good to work with.

Equally comfortable taking direction, making good suggestions or adopting poses, appropriate to the theme, herself. I often found her going exactly where I wanted, even before I spoke :)

I'd have absolutely no hesitation in recomending her to any level of photographer.

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