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Alessandro is a great guy, very professional, friendly and easy to talk to. I felt really relaxed throughout the shoot and happy with the result.

He gave helpful directions when needed so that we could capture some great pictures. I hope to work with Alessandro again in the future and I would highly recommend him. Thank you for the wonderful shoot!

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I am very happy with my shoot with Alessandro,he is really amazing and creative photographer. It was really unusual in a good way shoot,we used interesting costumes and probs which Alessandro provided. He showed up good prepared, in a great mood,and I really enjoyed our shoot. Pre-communication was really great, Alessandro has nice and friendly personality. 2 hours just flew away from us. There was a lot of fun and laughter there,thanks for such positive emotions Alessandro, looking forward to shooting with you again,

Highly recommended, 100%

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Henny SP

Had a very fun and creative shoot with Alessandro today. He is so easy going and it makes for a relaxed atmosphere, which works best for me. He exclusively shot with natural light, and it was great to try out what works best for each time of the day. I learned a lot on the way. I really look forward to working with him again!

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Had a very good shoot today. He has so many ideas abs it was very fun and friendly. He is so professional and i recommend him to any model!

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Had a shoot with Alessandro a while back. He was on time and we got some good pictures at devils dyke. He was friendly and professional. Happy to work with him again.

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Had a very productive day shooting with Alessandro- we did a large variety of pictures (with breaks reviewing the pictures in between just to see what could be done better,so it didn't feel tiring at all and also felt a lot like learning experience too)! I'd describe him as highly creative person, who can make things happen with limited resources, also very chatty which is always nice.

We listened to music, had breaks, planned out next steps and in general had a great time.

Alessandro showed me a cool charity shop full of good stuff! (I am not Worthing based so we managed to fit-in a little sightseeing tour).

Thank you, it was great working with you:)

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Had a very fun shoot filled with innovative ideas. It was fab shooting at the start of autumn, very inspiring and not too chilly :) shot both in the studio and outside so a lovely variety! Thanks for the cheery attitude and fun day.

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Ended up spending the day shooting together, even though it was fairly last minute we managed to get a selection of great shots with very little. Would recommend shooting with him.

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Second time shooting with Alessandro - once again, all I can say that both his personality and camera skills are amazing.

Alessandro made me feel very comfortable and I really enjoyed myself during our shoot. He always has creative ideas; it is also very easy to get along with him.

Thank you for another great shoot, Alessandro!

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Alessandro is a brilliant and talented photographer with a lovely and creative personality.

We had a lot of fun during our location shoot today; Alessandro made me feel at ease, had great ideas and was good at directing me.

I would love to work together again in the future!

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Basil D’souza

Great person to work with, really creative, would love to work with him again

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