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Alternative, Beauty, Body Paint, Commercial, Erotic, Fashion, Fitness, Glamour, Landscape, Lifestyle, Lingerie, Nude, Pinup, Portrait, Promotional, Sheer, Swimwear, Topless and Wedding



I have been a photographer for 13 years now and have had my work featured in photography and photoshop magazines, on billboards in Asia/Indonesia as well as in museums, zoos,music albums, book covers, calendars, shop windows and websites. My clients include Canon and Hakuhodo (Singapore), Digital Photographer magazine, various bands etc

I have been runner up in international Pet photographer of the year for 3 years and runner up for Macro and architecture photographer of the year for one year with the SWPP. I have numerous awarded images with the SWPP and the NPS.

Publications include

Amateur photographer magazine

Digital photography magazine several times,

Advanced photographer magazine 

Vaudeville magazine

Digital SLR magazine

Say cheese magazine

Thaizet magazine

Advanced photoshop magazine

Newspapers - The Mirror, Independant, The Sun, Metro, The Guardian, News of the world, Sunday express, The Times, The Telegraph ( almost all the UK national newspapers)

Freque magazine 

Up until summer 2010 my speciality had been close up and macro, plus wildlife photography, concentrating mainly on reptiles, amphibians, insects and birds of prey. I then discovered modelling photography and was immediately hooked. In January 2012 I was runner up in the SWPPs Architecture photographer of the year and also runner up in Pet photographer of the year. In 2013 I was again runner up in Pet photographer of the year with the SWPP. I recieved a pass for an Associateship in Nature and Wildlife photography from the SWPP and I have passed my Licentiate in portraiture. I am currently working towards a fellowship in creative portraiture. I love location photography and want to produce more images using dramatic backdrops to produce some breathtaking pictures. I also enjoy incorporating fantasy and historical themes, where possible and plan to hire/make costumes for a few shoots. I have zillions of ideas and I like to delve into the creative element of producing eye catching art, I enjoy manipulating photographs, from basic retouching, cross processing, adding textures or new backgrounds and creating fantasy type images. I mainly take on paid work only now, unless you can offer my portfolio something extra special. I rarely do TF work unless for very creative shoots for publication, particularly with inexperienced models - sorry but I need to make a living too. But my rates are reasonable for helping models to build good portfolios, so dont be afraid to enquire. I do not drive, so locations local to me in Newcastle work best, unless you can provide transport ;) but I am surrounded by some wonderful locations and have the concepts in mind to go with them.

2019 update - Also note that I have M.E and can only walk 10-20 metres maximum on a good day, so use a mobility scooter. I need to be on my feet for very short periods only to avoid making myself ill and will mostly shoot with another photographer alternating so that I can rest frequently as its the only way that I can manage. But dont let this put you off, I am very creative and full of ideas, as well as determined to get the best out of each shoot for everyone involved. I cannot shoot very often these days so make the best of the times that I am able to, aiming for publication or to produce images that I can put towards a new portfolio to submit for a qualification. For most shoots my partner will accompany me, driving me to the location and assisting me with my lighting etc, he is also a photographer with about 18 months experience and is keen to shoot as well - he is just developing his own style now, has a great grasp of photography and composition and he shoots differently to me - using natural light and very little editing, whilst I mostly use lighting. We will often shoot together so can offer two sets of images with our different styles.

I have a creative long term project that I will be working towards over the next year or two, hopefully producing a few images with a pagan and fantasy feel - if you would like to be involved do get in touch. I am looking for one or two male models with long hair - to be pagan characters such as the green man in his various guises or tree spirit etc, I am also looking for female models for similar characters such as the May queen. I do specifically want to find a model with auburn/ginger hair for one or two shoots - one based on an autumnal pagan character and one possibly for the May queen at Beltane. Many of these characters may not be glamourous and will require body paint, some will require back combed hair, but all will be creative. I eventually want to put together 20 images for my qualification and an exhibition. Its not going to be a quick project :)

March 2019 - I am just getting back into the swing following a break due to a decline in health, I will be taking on a few TF shoots with a creative feel - get in touch if interested


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Looking for a model and Mua for pagan shoot
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