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My second shoot with Anete but the last was some years back, and she's still beautiful, friendly and a great model, the cat decided that I was a suspicious character and best ignored, must remember to take a tin of sardines next time :) but all in all a great shoot recommended

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I have just had a really super shoot with Anete in her beautiful home. Anete being a photographer as well as a model brings that something special to the shot. She takes directions extremely well and works very hardy to create the shot but adds great creativity herself to the poses which she creates with ease.

If you want to work with a friendly and very create model then I can not recommend Anete enough. I very much hope that she will be willing to shoot again with me in the future.

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I have just done my first shoot with Anete and I must say what an absolute pleasure it was to work with her. Pre coms were spot on so we both knew in what direction the shoot would go.

Anete has a great work ethic, a true professional, working hard to achieve the results that I was looking for. She moved from pose to pose with ease and she is very photogenic. She has a great sense of humour, we never ran out of conversation. Where did the time go?

Besides being a first class model Anete is an extremely talented photographer, with her work displayed on the wall and in published hard copy print.

My pictures were looking good in the back of the camera, they look amazing on the big screen.

Thanks Anete you have made me one very happy tog. Highly recommended by me for sure, until the next time.....

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Andrew Clarke

Had my first shoot with Anete, something outside of my usual style, and I couldn't be happier. She's friendly, professional, adaptable and tall (to a photographer with an occasional bad back, an important trait!).

The results are exactly what I was looking for and I look forward to our next shoot.

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well i very much enjoyed my shoot with anete. it was fun and great to speak with her personally at length on different things. she has a great figure and beautiful face for photo taking. i recommend her and would hope she like to work with me again in future.

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simon shadowshow

it was a true pleasure to both meet and work with Anete. We talked prior to the shoot and discussed mood boards etc. During the shoot it was clear she had a true understanding of exactly the right aesthetic I was after and she worked tirelessly to help me achieve that. Stunning model and a lovely person

My only complaint was she didnt eat and biscuits and therefore I was forced to eat the whole packet myself !

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Mr Skeety

Was great to catch up with Anete for a second time yesterday.

We romped through a range of looks and lighting set ups with no set plan or end images in mind other than mood and low key being the mainstay of the work we were looking to cover off.

Shooting fashion, lingerie and fashion and art nude we covered an epic 8 looks in a little over 3 hours - phew!

As Anete has ties to Leeds now I'm sure we'll work together again in 2017.

Very happy to recommend Anete. As others will attest she has a versatile look, effortless mood and suits a range of image styles.

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I have been working with Anete for over a year, her dedication to creating the right atmosphere on a shoot is second to none, she is the professionals professional...her intelligence in understanding a brief is second only to her ability to surpass the brief and push the photographers creative thinking to new levels..

Long way we work together Anete....

Geoff xx

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Anete is charming and friendly and open to trying out lots of weird and wonderful ideas. she also understands how to pose well and has a good eye for what works being a photographer herself

she looks amazing on camera and stood/lay/sat patiently whilst i worked out what worked and how/why

i think shes 'A' Class and you should definitely shoot her if you get the opportunity

I look forward to more!

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Another super shoot with Anete.

Great pre shoot communications, so much talent and creativity,

great couple of hours shoot and I am delighted with the results.

Thank You Anete.

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Graham Cashell

Shot with Anete for the first time recently, and we weren't let down at all! True commitment to the shoot was evident early on with her williningness to travel to Dublin the night before. She gave so much throughout the full-day shoot, receptive to ideas and eager to put her own ideas across also. Anete covered a massive number of sets throughout the day, and we have photos to keep us going for a long while! I hope she keeps to her promise and comes to tour Ireland in the near future....if you get the chance to shoot with her, don't miss it!! Thanks for a super fun day Anete!

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Tim Pile

I was really pleased when Anete agreed to come on a shoot to Dublin I had organised.

She's a great model, very professional in every respect with super figure and looks. She posed beautifully and creatively, took direction when needed, and played a full part in developing ideas for images.

We had an excellent location, and really wanted a top model to make best use of it, and we were not disappointed.

Overall she's just a brilliant model who I definitely will be working with again. Thank you Anete for a wonderful day and making the long journey for the shoot.

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Adrian S Photography

Had an excellent shoot with Anete. She is really great to work with and can strike beautiful poses with lots of expression. Her hair and makeup were done to a very high standard and it really shows in the quality of the images. I shot a range of natural light images that make her look absolutely gorgeous. Her home was made for shooting and offers so many backdrops. Anete worked through a great range of poses that captured her in the beautiful soft light so well. As a photographer too she knows how to create that perfect shot.

Definitely one to work with, especially if your looking to give your folio a boost

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I shot with Anete recently over the course of two days, both indoors and outside. Anete is an accomplished photographer in her own right and this was quickly evident from the ideas she came up with. She has immense natural creative ability and an instinct for the correct pose. The results were superb, especially when the images were converted to mono and expertly tweaked by Jeff Powell, with whom Anete frequently works. This natural light monochrome erotic photography has become my favourite style and I look forward to shooting with Anete again next week. She is an intelligent model with a great sense of humour and I highly recommend her.

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I only had time to book a really short shoot with Anete but we got some amazing shots.

She was great to work with, and a pleasure to spend time with.

She created some beautiful and elegant portrait looks that complemented the city location brilliantly.

Would recommend anyone book Anete!

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Had a nice relaxed shoot at Anete's location in Leeds, very impressed with the location especially the roof top balcony over looking the Leeds skyline. She was well presented with some good wardrobe choices. She didn't need any direction as she went effortlessly from one look to another which I thought was great as it allowed me to see what was working for the setting. Anete's great to work with after a few minutes it was like we had known each other for a while. She provided 4 wardrobe changes, again to aid my shoot so that I could gain many different looks.

If your looking to add to your portfolio then I would defo' recommend without doubt booking Anete as a very good investment.

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Jimmy Colombaio

Had a fabulous shoot with Anete a few days ago in Grimsby

She has the ability to drift flawlessly from one pose to the next and adapt her expressions and emotions in harmony with the pose............yet is always open to new ideas and directions.

We shot in 2 sessions with a break and in our time together we achieved some excellent and varied images of this exceptional young model

So we have set the bar high for the next session and I hope we can arrange something soon..........as Arnie would say "I 'll be back!!!".

Book this lady soon......she is unreservedly recommended and you will not be disappointed

Thank you Anete


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Ambrosia Vanette

Wow what a great creative Anete truly is! So empowering to see a model/photographer! Good to work with someone who has seen both sides of the camera. Anete is very dedicated and full of enthusiasm photographer with a keen eye to detail and what she likes to achieve from the overall experience. She came well prepared for the shoot and added extra touches throughout that added to the picture. I simply love her quirky style and her comms were excellent. Thanks for shooting, would recommend! Hopefully we'll shoot again sometime soon :D

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Roj Smith

Anete and I had our second shoot together this week where we photographed at a couple of locations in North Wales. Anete is both a fantastic model and a lovely person to be with on a shoot. Nothing was too much for her, climbing up rocky hills, dodging passers by whilst naked, rolling around in the sand and cold water -- all with good spirits and no complaints, even though she had a cold at the time. A true professional.

You really must book Anete for a shoot, you will get some amazing photos. Anete is absolutely highly recommended!

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Second Glance

Wow - what a wonderful model :)

I was thrilled that Anete agreed to travel down to London to shoot with me and we had an amazing time capturing natural light images in a brilliant location in Shoreditch

Anete is talented, creative, stunningly long-legged and very beautiful

Impossible to recommend too highly and I can't wait to work with her again very soon

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