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I have shot with Andy twice now and both times have been absolutely lovely! Andy’s communication is spot on and the shoot is booked with ease. Andy came to my home both times and every time I felt very comfortable, he puts you at ease straight away. Throughout the shoot he’s very professional, respectful and polite and he’s also a blooming good photographer! With a very good eye for beautiful shots.

Andy showed me the images as we went along it’s always nice to see what images you are getting, he had some fab ideas and also welcomed the models input too.

Conversation flowed with ease and the time literally flew by! I thoroughly enjoyed my shoot with Andy and would wholeheartedly recommend working with him! Thanks for a great shoot Andy!

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Aurora Phoenix

Had a really awesome second shoot with Andy Wilson during a recent trip down to Eastbourne.

Prior to shooting pre-communication was absolutely excellent and everything was super easy to organise from themes, ideas to locations and planning.

On the day of shooting Andy kindly collected me from my hotel and was welcoming and friendly it was lovely to see him again. We drove down to the beach and had a good chat, laugh and a catch up.

Andy is super patient with me and was really chilled while I changed and put tuns of sun cream on. I loved the relaxed low pressure feel and I felt so happy during the shoot he didn’t rush me at all. We took some epic bikini shots as well as some lovely fashion shoots too. Moving to the next location we did some lingerie shots and everything flowed so so well!!!

110% recommended from me.

Professional, friendly, respectful and patient. I’d love to shoot with Andy again in the future and recommend him to all models, photographers and studios!! He’s just a delight to be around X

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Tink Kaos

I’ve shot with Andy several times over the past few years, and each time has been an absolute pleasure - Fridays shoot was just that! We met up relatively early in Rye, and wandered down the beach, which was pretty quiet at that time - so we did a few gorgeous sets of fashion, nudes on the rocks, rolled about in the sand for a bit, even popped into the sea. Then we strolled up to the bunker, did some edgy portraits inside, a few gorgeous abstract body parts through the window, amongst so many random ideas! The pictures are gorgeous.

Andy is an excellent human bean, kind, creative, chatty, so easy going, highly respectful - one of the loveliest photographers I’ve had the pleasure of creating with. Would highly recommend to all models!

Tink x

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Aurora Phoenix

Had a really good shoot with Andy Wilson. During my Studio Day at the Asylum Rochester.

Prior to shooting pre-communication was great and everything was super easy to organize.

On the day of shooting Andy was prompt and really easy to talk to and work with. I showed him what I’d got and we started in fashion moving things on to lingerie. We also did some Cosplay as well which as super fun. Andy was really helpful when it came to the Cosplay giving pose ideas and helping to create the right atmosphere for these sort of images. I just love Cosplay so much so when Andy wanted to shoot some Cosplay it was such a bonus and really added a little something different and fun to our session.

Any was really friendly and accepting of my ideas. The shoot really flowed super well as we moved from look to look and overall we got some really great images.

More than recommended! Was lovely to meet and work with him.

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Andy came over to my place in Hove today for a shoot - as soon as we started emailing I knew he'd be awesome to work with, and he was! Had a great shoot with great pre-shoot comms. He knows his stuff and gets excellent results - what more can I possibly add to 192 refs?! Recommended to anyone and everyone, many thanks, can't wait to see the results.

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Jayne Horror

Great shoot today! Super happy with the images we maganged to get, felt super relaxed and comfortable. Definitely would work with again, thanks! 😊

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Had my second shoot with Andy today, always a pleasure :-) Today we shot some boudoir and low key portrait at my home. Always a gent and shoot was relaxed and fun

Highly recommend

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What a great way to end the year!

My last shoot of 2019 was a home shoot at my place with the lovely Andy. I really enjoy working with Andy - he shoots in such a relaxed way, yet always manages to achieve really great images too.

Andy is a wonderful photographer and a lovely person too. I highly recommend shooting with him if you get the opportunity :)

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Andy agreed to do a shoot with me fairly last minute and I’m glad that he did as we had great fun! We worked on various xmas related shots, including playing around with some fairy lights and I was loving the back of camera shots so I know the final shots are going to be fab!!

As always highly recommended from me, have a great xmas and look forward to working with you again next year some time! 😁

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Great shoot together during my tour in Kent! Very friendly and professional! Highly recommend to any model :)

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Andy very kindly agreed to work with me on relatively short notice, and we decided on an earlier morning shoot due to it being Bank Holiday and we thought that it would be quieter on Hastings Beach then but the fishermen were all out in force unfortunately so we had to just make do, but it still worked well and we managed to get a good range of shots.

I have worked with Andy a few times now and it's always a pleasure to work with him, knows what he wants to achieve and has an eye for detail and we always have a good chat throughout as well which makes the time just fly by!! He even gave me a nice little polaroid from the shoot as well which was really nice!

Thanks again and I look forward to the next time! :D

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NS Photo & Media (Aka Embankment Studio)

I can't believe I forgot to leave a reference for Andy. I have followed Andy's work for a while both here and social media and had the pleasure of meeting him last year during whilst the studio was Riverside. Andy is talented and brilliant to watch in action, had ideas I never thought of :) I look forward to having you back at the studio in the next couple of weeks.

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Keira Lavelle

I’m pretty confident that you could ask any of the models whom Andy has worked with to give a short overview of what it’s like shooting with him; and they would all say the very same thing... A LOT OF FUN AND A CREATIVE BLAST! ALSO: ANDY SHOULD BE MAYOR! NUFF SAID!

We’ve worked together previously when I’ve wandered down to Kent on tour, and it’s just a refreshing crazy lift of mad inspiration, combined with fabulous company from a genuinely lovely gent. So of course it’s just the fact of the matter that I was overly happy to get another shoot with Andy booked in during a recent tour of Kent... Not only because his creative streak is so driving for when you get into a crazy-good flow, but because it had actually been quite some time since we last worked together!!! Like HOW????? :O We arranged our shoot this time at Tim’s Cottage in Maidstone where we had all manner of quirky and imagination-spurring sets to hand which suits Andy’s style so well because you can make the environment/available light part of the image feel - and that’s exactl what he did! He left no stone unturned at all!

When you’re working with someone like Andy who has a definite passion for their work and is more than happy to lean towards more zany and wacky styles... Gosh, the inner crazy girl in you just cannot help herself! Draping down stairs upside-down and moulding into window frames etc. becomes such logical practice because you’ve got a superb eye at the other side of the camera who is working hard to make an insane image out of these mad moments! This is why working with Andy is such a ball. :D Andy observes carefully as the poses fly out, has great attention to detail and manages the light (using controlled light as well as natural light) like it is a genuine art form because otherwise you’ve just some unhinged-looking strange person doing odd things to the furniture... It’s a two-way street this model photography malarkey, and Andy throws every ounce of enthusiasm into his work to really create something wickedly wonderful in the back of the camera: and subsequently a finished image!

In every shoot I’ve had with Andy, he makes it effortless to strike a good working relationship and minutes into the shoot - the bounce is alive and rocking it! But not only that, his general etiquette and professionalism towards models is on-pointe and his manners/courtesy/kindness that he shows to others is outstanding. I’ve always felt 1000% at ease working with Andy and as such; recommend him to the moon and back! :D His communications are as professional and epic as he is in person to work with; hopefully I’ll sort my life/schedule out and it won’t be so long before our next shoot this time!

Thank you Andy!


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Roswell Ivory

What a lovely person! Andy and I arranged a floaty dress/art nude/fashion shoot for some nearby rapeseed oil fields and though the wind refused to co-operate we got some absolutely gorgeous shots among the flowers and in a magical little archway he found.

Pre-shoot communication is excellent and clear, he's a lovely gentleman and I would be delighted to work together again- and recommend him anytime. :)

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I worked with Andy for the first time last weekend and had a fantastic shoot!

He came to my home for a 2 hour shoot, he was professional, respectful and easy to work with. Booking the shoot was so easy and his communications were faultless.

He is a really good photographer with a really good eye! Had ideas and was open to suggestions too!

I had a great time working with Andy and hope to work with him again!

Highly recommended from me!

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I worked with Andy for the first time last week - I cannot believe we hadn't worked together before! Andy was such a pleasure to work with. He is so relaxed, so very easy to get on with, and so welcoming of sharing ideas too. Despite having a fairly short shoot, and an incredibly laid back one, we achieved some really great images together. I can honestly say I was actually quite disappointed when our shoot came to an end. Could not recommend working with Andy more highly - if you get the chance, grab it!

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Bad Dolly

Another shoot with wonderful Andy, a duo shoot with my tour wifey Jezebelle, and as always Andy bought creativity, flair and kookiness to the shoot :) We all had a great time, every shoot with Andy is brilliant and today was really no different at all :)

Hugely recommended from me and hope to see you next year for more shooty shenanigans :) x

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I got to shoot with this lovely photographer on Thursday with Bad Dolly, he is such a cool and fun dude who has an epic way with his camera, the back of camera images looked wonderful - Andy has the utmost respect and professionalism, I can't recommend this amazing individual enough to all :)

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Anna Amy

Today was my third shoot with Andy. As before, we had lots of fun and got some fab images 😀 I love working with Andy, one of my favourite photographers ☺ 100% recommended x

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What I say about the lovely Andy :) it's been a couple of years since we last shot together but we had a fantastic shoot last weekend. Andy just gets better and better and I really loved the shots we got together! Sun/rain/no light Andy knows how to take a shot :) thank you for a great shoot and see you soon

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