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I got to meet Andy back in August when he booked on to a small group workshop I ran with JD Tuition at Click Away Studio in Wednesbury.

Andy was great to work with. Super friendly and polite, always respectful when shooting. He was a pleasure to have around. The images we captured were amazing which just adds to an already positive experience :D

I would be more than happy to work with him again or recommend him to anyone (models, studios, tutors).

Sorry for taking so long to get around to writing this reference!

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JD tuition

Andy came to a bespoke workshop that Misuzu and I ran for him and another photographer: he was in 'sponge' mode, keen to soak up everything we had to offer him.

He succeeded brilliantly, and seemed to enjoy the process, too.

Throughout, he was attentive, respectful and generally a delight to work with.

A good bloke, and well worth working with, for both togs and models.

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Beetle Blvck

Had an awesome shoot with Andy on location in Birmingham today, and despite the cold and the rain, we got some awesome shots.

Wandering around and choosing what grabbed our attention!

Can’t wait to shoot with Andy again when the weather’s nicer.

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