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Communication before hand awesome, easy going, fun, sincere/polite, open minded and has an ease in front of the camera that is both comfortable and confident which leads to breathtakingly beautiful images, all round damn near perfect model to work with a only downside I can think of is our shoot was over to soon, look forward to working with her again.

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I arranged a shoot via Social media with Amy, communications where first rate with lots of messages back and forth about the style and details of the shoot.

Amy arrived bang on time and had kept me up to date with her travel arrangements, she looked lovely too. We went for a drink before started shooting and got on really well and discussed what to expect from the shoot and what would happen after regarding images too.

Throughout the shoot she was lovely and nothing was too much hassle for her, she took direction well and also kept things fresh with lots of movement and expressions for the camera.

I would highly recommend working with Amy as she has a personality to match her looks and makes for a very rewarding experience while shooting.

Look forward to working with her again in the very near future too.


Paul :D

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Alex butler

I had the pleasure of photographing Amy via an online shoot. She conducted herself in a very professional manner and she posed effortlessly. Amy was a true joy to work with!

I would recommend Amy to anyone, she is a wonderful model!

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I have worked with Amy on a number of shoots - both still and moving image. She is creative, professional and very photogenic. She works hard to achieve the look you are after (is a qualified MUA) and is adaptable and patient.

I look forward to working with Amy again on many more shoots and do not hesitate in recommending her to other creatives, photographers or filmmakers.

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Donna Austin

I worked with Amy on a collaborative horror style shoot. She is fun to work with, creative and lovely :)

We had a good time working together and I am looking forward to working together again soon on another photoshoot or video.

I would recoomend Amy to to other photographers and models.

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