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Simon Morton

I was so lucky to have Amir at one of my workshops with Eliza, Amir was on time and couldn't of been more respectful. He's also got a great eye for photography and I can't wait to see what he produces this year. I hope we. I hope we meet up again soon.

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I had an awesome shoot with Amir

He is a very talented photographer and a lovely guy, we had a very productive 2 hours and produced some stunning images

I really enjoyed our shoot and love the images :)

I cant wait to shoot again

Highly Recommended

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PoZers was delighted, to host a portrait and fashion workshop on Saturday, with our stunning workshop model, LaurenJoy, and Amir was one of our attendees. From the off Amir was a perfect client, his communication was excellent, he paid in full within the deadlines, which is amazing for any studio owner, workshop, or event planners. Amir was lovely to talk to, throughout our communication, and I knew, from that alone, he would be a wonderful addition to the workshop.

Amir arrived on time for the workshop, and bless him, he had just completed a night shift, at work, and still contributed as much as the others, during his 8 hours at PoZers, now that’s what I call commitment.

Amir is new to studio photography, and this was only his second time, working in a studio, and seriously, you just wouldn’t have known. From the off, Amir was posing Lauren, he was working hard to create quirky crops, working with the lights, positioning himself to get the best from the set up, he was behaving like someone who had years of experience. Amir’s back of camera images, were amazing, he’s an absolute natural, I was truly astounded, I didn’t want to compliment him too much, but he deserved a huge pat on the back, because his images were fabulous. Amir built up a great rapport with Lauren, he is such a lovely person, we both felt really relaxed around him, the experience was nothing like working with a “Newbie”, at all, some people are jut born to shoot, and Amir is one of those people.

I really can’t recommend Amir enough, to absolutely any model, any studio, any event, and other photographers, he was a total pleasure to work with, he was articulate throughout, despite being awake for more than 24 hours, he was amazing. Amir is so lovely, so kind, very attentive and really passionate about photography, what more could you ask for in a photographer? Thank you Amir, I am really excited to watch your photography journey evolve on PurplePort, and hope to see you back at PoZers, in the future.

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I worked with Amir for the first time at PoZers Studio for a lighting workshop. I would 100% highly recommend Amir, he is easy to work with, calm & creative, it had honestly felt like we’ve been working together for years!

Can’t wait to work together again soon my friend!

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English Photoworks

I worked with Amir for the first time when he attended a workshop at my studio. He is a very talented photographer, and a lovely guy. Amir worked very well with our model, his direction was good, and he produced some amazing images. It was interesting to find out more about his photography experience, and he was a relaxed and friendly presence in the studio. I have no hesitation in recommending Amir to others, and I hope we get to work together again - thank you, Amir!

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