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Words aren't adequate to describe Amarutta. Her organisation, her friendliness, her athleticism, her aesthetic sense, and a good degree of photographic knowledge make her unparalleled for remote shooting.

After two hours of aerial hoop and aerial silks work this morning, I am even more completely blown away than I was after a first shoot a few months back.

One day, if I am very lucky, I will be able to shoot with her in person: for now, I can't recommend her highly enough for remote work. Quite outstanding value in terms of results per pound.

Thank you, Amarutta!

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Techquila Photography

I had an incredible remote shoot with Amarutta. Pre-shoot comms were really good and we discussed set ideas in advance to make the most of the shooting time. On the day the remote connection mostly behaved itself and we were soon creating some amazing images. Amarutta has a huge range as a model (as you can clearly see in her portfolio) and has a truly focussed approach that enabled us to work through all of our planned sets in the time available and nail some absolutely magical shots. Thank you for a great remote shoot Amarutta!

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Sacha Saxer

Working with Amarutta was very nice. She was on time and very patient, willing to redo poses several times as we had to fight with some technical difficulties.

I hope to work with her again, either remotely on in person.

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Top model in every way, very impressive range in her athletic physique and ability. Great pre shoot communications, studio organisation, equipment and remote tech management.

Amarutta is a very versatile and skilled model, able to flow poses and shapes seamlessly with little direction needed. Shooting remote is a slower process and she has fully adjusted for this, giving time on poses for the capture.

The shoot focused on classic art nude work and I am delighted with the results. Everything in her studio was set up properly for the session, lighting, reflectors, backdrop and props.

Thank you for a brilliant shoot and hopefully we can organise to work together again.


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Ian Oliver

Remote shoot UK to France

I had my second fabulous remote shoot with Anna and, as with my first I was absolutely not disappointed. Anna is a model who takes great pride and passion in her work. She puts a tremendous amount of work into getting a great shot.

Anna is incredibly talented and has a vast range of poses to draw from. Today we aimed for some arial work using silks and a trapeze shot outside at her home as well as some sheer and art nude work. She is not only and incredibly beautiful model but also incredibly strong and talented to sustain such poses. She has photographic experience which helps with the camera set up and taking into consideration the lambent light around her.

Anna put a great deal of thought into this shoot beforehand, her communications pre shoot were great and booking was simple and easy. She needs little or no direction and absolutely open to ideas and things to try.

I have no trouble highly recommending Anna and am very much looking forward to working with her again.

Thank you Anna for a great shoot.

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Remote Shoot with Amarutta. US to France

I had a great shoot with Anna. She is wonderful at what she does and a pleasure to work with. I got some beautiful photos from our shoot and I hope to work with her again very soon.

I would urge anyone who is thinking about working with her to go ahead and do it. You will not regret it. She is very knowledgeable and so acrobatic. It was a wonderful shoot.

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REMOTE SHOOT with Amarutta. (UK to South of France)

I had an awesome remote shoot with Anna today. It was... fantastic! Pre and post shoot coms were perfect. We did nude sets using a grey background using various coloured materials as props as well as nude sets using the bedroom location - making full use of available light from the bedroom window - and even a mirror. My preference was to allow Anna to pose with free reign without any direction at all within the boundaries of the shoot theme - which was Sensual, Feminine and Sexy. Anna was absolutely superb and delivered a fantastic style of natural poses and expressions with effortless ease. This was exactly what I was hoping for! Anna is a wonderful, talented artist and is fantastic to work with! She is beautiful, passionate, positive, enthusiastic, dedicated and is totally committed to her work. It was a total pleasure to work with her!

Anna easily merits the highest recommendation!

Thank you so much for such an awesome and fun shoot experience, Anna! :)

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REMOTE SHOOT with Amarutta. (Canada to South of France)

Had the absolute pleasure of shooting remotely with Anna earlier today and what a great shoot it was. As well as having an awesome toned physique she also has a beautiful face that bring her images together so well.

All of the pre shoot comms were dealt with easily and quickly and we planned the shoot with a lot of input by Anna as well as listening to my ideas and reviewing my moodboard images. She really did her utmost to work on capturing the style of images I had talked with her about. And we did get them. Her body movements takes her modelling to a different level with her yoga and dance abilities. On top of being a consummate professional model she is also a lovely person to work with and would love to be able to work with her again.

Inspite of a few technical issues the remote shoot went well with Anna looking after most of the technical stuff at her end but as good as it was, I would love to shoot with Anna face to face and plan to one day. In the meantime with Covid restrictions, I can not stress enough what a great opportunity it was to shoot with her at her home studio and recommend any photographer looking for a great model to help create some wonderful images, should plan to work with her to help enhance their portfolio.

Thanks Anna. Totally worth getting up at 5 am to shoot with you. This was one of my favourite shoots to date.

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I had a fabulous 2 hour shoot with Amarutta two days ago. Pre-shoot comms were excellent and we had a clear idea of what we were trying to create before the shoot.

Amarutta is a stunning model with extraordinary flexibility and strength and she uses these skills to produce some truly outstanding poses with minimal direction.

She has an excellent grasp of photography and light and she was able to create just the right ambience and lighting for the range of sets that we had previously agreed to shoot.

I will certainly work with Amarutta again and cannot recommend her highly enough.

Many Thanks for a tremendously successful shoot!


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This was my first shoot with Amarutta, and my second remote shoot. I was delighted to have the opportunity to do the shoot as I have been attracted to Amarutta's style for a while. The pre-shoot comm's were excellent and I had the software already installed. At the appointed time Amarutta contacted me on WhatsApp and we started the remote control of the camera. We were going to do 4 sets including body shapes and scapes. She has a wide range of backdrops and props which we changed for each of the sets. Amarutta is an amazing model able to perform brilliant contortions to produce unusual, bold and beautiful body shapes. She is highly experienced and puts her all into getting just the right angle and balance for each shot resulting in some brilliant pictures that exceeded expectation. My experience of the remote shoot was excellent and I look forward to future shoots with Amarutta. I highly recommend Amarutta to all photographers looking for a flexible and adventurous model.

Thank you for the great shoot.


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I saw Amarutta's remote shoot casting call, and her posing skills, as a professional dancer.

I applied: her communications were excellent, and we shot for just under two hours today with no significant problems, despite a time zone difference.

She is as beautiful as she is talented: and I would love to be able to take pictures of her face-to-face some time - though that will have to wait until after Covid, and a time when we can navigate the complex waters of getting together in the same country!

Very, very highly recommended for any art nude or dance-orientated photographer. And if you live anywhere near her in France, I envy you.

An outstanding model!

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Ian Oliver

I had the pleasure of a 4 hour remote shoot with Amarutta and we had a terrific shoot. Her communication pre shoot was good and we had a good idea of what we wanted to shoot. She is a very easy model to shoot with and works very hard to achieve great results.

We managed to work through several sets and ideas, all new to me and all very creative. She is very confident in her posing and needs no direction at all but is happy to give ideas a try. her posing in incredibly precise, she has an endless supply of poses to go through. We started with some absolutely stunning yoga poses shot in her studio which are breath taking and progressed through different sets ending up with some beautiful natural light images. She is friendly and easy to talk to and started the shoot ready and eager to start creating.

I am absolutely thrilled with the shots we created, just what I had in mind and so much more. Amarutta started uploading the files immediately after the shoot and we are already talking about our next shoot, an outside remote shoot which I am very much looking forward to.

Absolutely recommended 100%

Thank you for a terrific shoot.


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My first shoot with Amarutta - two hours remote between London and the South of France - was very enjoyable. Pre-shoot communication was excellent, and Amarutta was well-prepared on the day, and very much on top of her setup. Taking advantage of Face/Eye detect autofocus on her mirrorless Canon is a huge plus for remote shooting, significantly speeding workflow.

We shot a mix of lit (continuous lighting) and natural light. Amarutta’s posing is confident, experienced and her flexibility is plain to see. She is happy both to take direction, and to contribute creative ideas.

I would love to shoot again with Amarutta - she is highly recommended.

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I had a fantastic remote shoot with Amarutta and she was such a joy to work with. Great communication before we shot, worked with me on some ideas and on the day was awesome in her work effort, posing and the pictures we created. I can highly recommend you shoot with Amarutta and I hope that we will get the opportunity to shoot again.


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José Carrasco

I had a great experience shooting remotely with Amarutta. Before the actual photo shoot she was well organized and communicated with me to make sure we were properly organized. She was kind enough to organize her schedule to match the time difference between our countries.

On the day of the shooting we had a great experience, she is an experience model, knows her gear very well and is very flexible to accommodate the photographer's ideas.

The images we obtained from the shoot are really good and I am looking forward to repeat the experience to create more images with her.

I absolutely recommended to work with her!


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Phil Kaos

I had the pleasure of shooting remotely with Amarutta. We booked a two hour shoot and managed to do 7 different looks through a variety of backdrops. She poses with minimal direction and transitions fluidly between shots. She's very versatile with posing and offers unique opportunity to capture yoga poses, aerobatic poses, and standard industry posing. In person or remotely you will be happy you booked with her. Shooting remotely she offers premium gear shooting with a new Canon EOS-R and Canon L series glass. She also has studio lighting that works very well with her setup.

Remote : USA - France

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Had a fantastic shoot with Amarutta.

Pre communication for the shoot was excellent and Amarutta turned up for a lot of energy and enthusiasm for the photo shoot

We quickly agreed the plan, which we adapted due to the weather and were into the shoot almost immediately.

I would highly recommend Amarutta to another photographer



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