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Alison McMath Photographer has 12 references; 12 recommended, 0 not recommended, 0 late cancellations, and 0 no-shows.

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Alia Rose

I'm so glad Alison and I finally got to work together! We’d been planning to shoot for months and communication was always top notch. She is a lovely photographer who knows how to craft the image she wants. Along with a fantastic MUA and second gorgeous model, we created images unlike anything in my portfolio, through a combination of creativity, improvisation, and collaboration. A pleasure to work with and a wonderful artist, I’d highly recommend Alison to any model or creative.

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I loved working with Alison yesterday. She is really professional and easy to work with. She has creative ideas and I can't wait to see the final images. I hope to work with her again soon.

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I was so pleased when Alison asked me to work with her as her work is fab. Alison is a pleasure to work with, she is so pleasant and professional, making me feel comfortable throughout the shoot. She is super creative and has an eye for detail which definitely showed. I cannot wait to see the final images and work with her again.

Highly recommend her x

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I absolutely loved working with Alison and the rest of the team on a recent project. My make up artist (Kendal) created some amazing looks for me and I am excited to see the finished pictures. Alison was very creative and had lots of ideas organised for the shoot. Fingers crossed they also get published!!

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Lovely personality. Oozing with creativity. Positive persona. Absolute pleasure to collaborate with as a model. I was well taken care of with food & drink whilst I had my hair & make-up done. Multi-talented: they styled and photographed me for the photo-shoot. I wish you all the best with your business.

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Very talented lady, calm, lovely person to work with. She was organised and knew what she wanted. I would love to work with Alison again very soon

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Artemis Fauna

I had a brilliant shoot with Alison a couple of weeks ago during my tour.

It was a quite last minute shoot but it was an epic one!!

I reaaalllly enjoyed working with Alison. She was very creative, friendly and just lovely!!

She had thought out so many cool ideas and got the styling spot on. I love the shots and really hope I can work with Alison again next time I am local. Thank you :)

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So I had a shoot with Alison yesterday an what a delight she is. She planned every part of the shoot including the hair style, the makeup, the location and even had a dress specially made for the shoot. Alison creates her own awesome ideas an works to achieve them and is so passionate in doing so. She is one of the loveliest people I have worked with, so easy to get on with, really chatty, great sense of humour an a pleasure to shoot with. To top it off the pictures turned out beautiful, so pleased with them. I couldn't recommend her more. Xx

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Nicola Jane said...

I was lucky to be able to work with Alison as part of a team/group shoot. She did my make up with the concept of festivals and summer vibes in mind to match outfits pre-selected by herself and the photographer of the shoot. I felt very at ease around Alison and conversation was easy and pleasant, she's a delightful lady! I loved my make up and it was some thing I have never done on myself before and colours that I would normally myself be too scared to use, however the skill that Alison has made me look lovely (if I do say so myself!). Alison also styled a wig that I brought along and took grate care with it and made it look gorgeous!

Alison assisted with the shoot all day and never let Maddie (another model/one of the designers) and myself have a hair out of place and made sure we were all happy and looking lovely.

I really recommend getting Alison on board as part of your team! She is highly professional and has a great creative mind and I would love to let her loose on my face with make up again and again!

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JDS Photography said...

I worked on a location shoot today with Alison, and as previously I knew her standards were at the top of the scale. She has an amazing eye and flare for what she does. Loved the shoot and Im already looking forwards to our next adventure.

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JDS Photography said...

I worked with Alison on a themed shoot, it was one of the best shoots Ive done, her attention to detail is second to none. She was fun (even stole my camera a couple of times) a real pleasure to work with highly recommended and I hope to work with her again soon.


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Jen Brook

I worked with Alison for the first time this month on a shoot with Lorna Preston. She works from home so her work space is clean, professional and well organised which makes for a nice start to the shoot. She loves to experiment with her own ideas and is a great team player on set. A lovely lady :)

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