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Unique Beauty

Alisha is fairly new to modelling but you wouldn’t know it. She is a natural in front of the camera and is highly recommended.

Alisha’s pre-shoot communications were excellent and she arrived on time, with a suitcase of outfits, well-groomed and prepared. She is bubbly, polite, professional and easy-going and shooting with her was a huge amount of fun. She posed well with little guidance and was able to deliver a wide range of expressions and poses. She also offered some amazing creative ideas that produced fabulous images. Alisha is a great model and we would thoroughly recommend working with her.

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Pre communication with Queenie.XO was great and she was already to go when i picked her up. We drove to a the outskirts of a nearby village where it was quiet to shoot using my car as the prop. From the start Queenie.XO modeled extremely well and there was very little input needed from me. Her outfit was perfect and matched my car well. Queenie.XO was a pleasure to work with and i really enjoyed the shoot. I look forward to working with Queenie.XO again and recommend her to anyone. Thank you for a great late mornings/early afternoons shoot.

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Alisha's pre shoot communications and punctuality were excellent and she was ready to shoot straightaway. Although our first shoot together, she is very easy to get along with, polite and fun. She was relaxed and confident from the start and became fully involved in the shoot; offering some very useful suggestions to make it a real joint effort. She displayed an excellent standard of makeup, which she altered effectively throughout the shoot, and brought a great range of outfits. Although relatively new to modelling Alisha is able to pose quickly and effectively and was delivering a wide range of poses and expressions with ease. She worked hard throughout and we captured some amazing images.

Alisha is a great model who is easy to get along with, becomes fully involved in the shoot and is highly recommend.! I would be very happy to work with her again!

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Had a great first shoot with Alisha. She showed up 15 min in advance with a lot of ideas and was easy to get along with. Very kind and friendly.

Understood what I was hoping to get out of the shoot and we got some great shots.

We cannot recommend her enough :)

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Had my first shoot with Alisha and although she is a relatively new model you would never know it. She posed really well and was very polite and fun to work with, she even arrived a few minutes early..! It was a very enjoyable shoot and I would work with her again and recommend her to others.

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Had my first group shoot with Alisha yesterday for the charity Photographers with Disabilities. Her pre shoot communication was excellent, she arrived on time with several outfits and was ready to start.

She is a natural in front of the camera, she worked well under direction and also had some great ideas of her own. Her hair was amazing!!!

She has a very bubbly personality and was very patient with some of our disabled members. I have had very good feedback from all that attended.

I would highly recommend her and cannot wait to work with her again in the near future.

Thanks Alisha

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Meet Alisha for the first time on a group shoot and there wasn't any problems she was a fun professional and a really nice person hope to work with her again in near future

Thanks mate ;)

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This shoot with Queenie was great fun, Prompt arrival at the studio and was happy to work with us and came up with some great images. She had no prolems with our studio group and enjoyed the banter, working well with all of our members.

Hope to work with you again in the future.

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Rob Guardian

Had a home shoot with Alisha a couple of days ago. The pre shoot communication we had was professional standard and we sorted dates,times, outfits etc.

She arrived on time and was ready to go in minutes, with a massive selection of outfits.

We had a fantastic fun shoot and both contributed idea's and styles that we wanted to achieve.

Followed direction without question but also gave suggestions that were helpful.

Alisha is friendly, bubbly and has an infectious personality that you just can't help loving. Totally brilliant to work with and will definitely be doing it again in the future.

Thank you.

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Bubbly and fun.

Had a wonderful shoot with this up and coming model. Her pre shoot comms were fab, arrived early, up for anything, very brave, as the shoot was in a busy, public place, friendly and likeable, everyone we met was happy to help, did every asked with a smile, she's a great laugh, had wonderful ideas of her own, her enthusiasm is infectious, I would definitely recommend Alisha and hope to work with her again.

All the best Alisha and thank you

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Loved working with Queenie.....she is fun, creative and proffessional. She is bursting with ideas and works great under instruction. She is a versitile model well worth working with and i will definately be working with her again!!

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Kelli Kaleidoscope

It was my first time working with Queenie yesterday. We were both shooting with Photographer 50mm and MUA Matty72 around Corn Street. She's great fun, easy to talk to, and naturally knows how to work the camera. I'd highly recommend her.

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I had the absolute privilege and joy of working with Queenie for the first time yesterday afternoon. She really is the perfect model - Extremely creative, very patient, takes direction easily, a team player and best of all an awesome personality as well! We will definitely be working together a lot from now on as we are both buzzing with creative ideas for shoots. And on top of that I am happy to say a new friendship has now formed through this shoot...

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Andrew Wood ARPS AFIAP

Alisha is great to work with and I'm sure we got some great shots. Totally professional, reliable and works to a high standard. We are now going on to do a location shoot so watch this space.

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Pete Evans Photography

I did a Liverpool FC themed shoot today with Alisha which was great fun. Alisha is very easy to work with and was friendly, enthuisiastic and professinal and we managed to get all the ideas that she had, as well as mine, translated into some great images. Hopefully I can get to work with her again in the future.

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Aperture Studio Images - John Cordon

Alisha is a truly great model, she is beautiful, friendly, always smiling and comes up with good ideas of her own. Totally recommended. John

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Jake Beamson Photography

Wow what a model, great shoot on the quoktocks with Alisha and her old friend, wedding and engagment type shoot wow what a model she is vary good, easy to work with, had great fun and she has loads of ideas and vary bubbly, vary excited to see the images

Highly recommended and i cant wait to shoot with you again

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(Photography by Jonathan)

Had amazing photoshoot with Alisha the other day, def fun and easy to get on with and def has the x factor. As she takes direction really well, as well as coming up with great poses and creative ideas. Would love to shoot again to form some more creative fashion imagery,,,

Thanks Alisha for such a great fun photoshoot day..

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Great day with Alisha. Very bubby and full of ideas. Great pre shoot comms. Some brill pics coming up.

Recommend you book a shoot with Alisha soon

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The Nano studio

Just finished our shoot together, what a wonderful girl, she has only just started out but she soon relaxed into the poses. Alisha takes direction well and is very pleasent to work work. We achieved some great images and we have arranged to shoot together again when it's a bit warmer outside.

Throughly recommended, a great model who has just started out.


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