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Had the pleasure of working with Alexandra1 on a fantastic shoot this Sunday. She was super professional and so lovely to work on and work with. As an MUA I would recommend ❤️ she was a pleasure

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#MASHUP ® Apparel _ [Graffiti x Abstract]

Another cracking TFP collaboration.

Thank you very much to Derek (Dreamlands Studio) for hosting my shoot once again.

Worked with Alex (ALX-Photo) once again, plenty of images taken which will work very well as templates for new Graffiti Apparel and Canvas Bag designs. Look forward to viewing the digital edits and also working with them.

A few hiccups leading up to the shoot with the usual no responses, late dropouts etc. Especially after 15’ish yes’s which lead to splitting the shoot into two! This was shoot two and ended up with two models, but definitely happy with the way things panned out!

A HUGE thank you to Kim (MUA & model), Laura (second time shooting together) and Alexandra (first time shooting together and took direction from Alex ok)

Great working with Kim once again and viewing her MUA, loved the looks of Kim’s work and looking forward to how the images look regarding the creations!

Kim also jumping in modelling as well as MUA! All three were easy to work with and looked great modelling my new and now older Graffiti Apparel items! As well as new spray painted canvas bags and my snapback caps while incorporating their own wardrobes together with my items.

I would definitely recommend everyone who I have mentioned above to work with! Great shoot and collaboration!

Cheers, Lee.

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Alexandra joined a team (MUA / Designer / 2 Photographers) who have shot together on several occasions and fitted right in. She worked well solo and with the other model, taking direction well and contributing her own ideas to the mix. She was a welcome addition to the team and I am happy to recommend her.

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