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Agata Grodek has 31 references; 31 recommended, 0 not recommended, 0 late cancellations, and 0 no-shows.

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Had a great shoot with Agata while in Phuket! She is very professional and knows how to pose. Despite of the hot weather outside we had a very productive 3-hour shoot.

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Patrik S

I had the privilege to work with Agata a couple of days ago, and I really enjoyed it.

She is very professional and poses great. We shot nude and lingerie and she had a good selection of outfits. Her make up skills are excellent. She has own ideas and knows how to make the best out of her poses to create great images.

I really liked her personality and her sense of humour. I would for sure like to work with her again and I can recommend Agata to other photographers.

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Agata is a fantastic model to work with, full of spirit and very professional. Not only does she have a special beauty, but she is also very a clever and interesting person to work with. Her hair and makeup skills are very high and she has a very nice selection of wear. She poses well and is just a treat to work with:-)

I can recommend Agata as the best model I have ever worked with!

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It was a great pleasure to work with Agata. We did a full-day hotel room shoot and she was tireless. (An occasional Red Bull makes her unstoppable.) She had great outfits, made excellent poses and demonstrated a beauty which resulted in an avalanche of excellent images. She is easy to work with, has a good sense of humor and always remains relaxed. I recommend her without reservation. Thank you Agata.

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Rytter Photography

I had the pleasure of working with Agata during her stay in Northern Denmark.

Agata worked 1-2-1 with several photographers, in studio and on location. Everybody was pleased with the results of their sessions with Agata.

Her work included art nude, lingerie, portrait and stock photography.

Agata has a great personality and poses brilliantly. A real joy to work with and I can recommend Agata to other photographers.

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Mango14 Photography

Worked with Agata a while ago. We did studio work and outdoor location. She is stunning travelling model. She has a nice wardrobe and has good ideas.

I can recommend her to any photographer 👌

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Clayton Bastiani

I had the pleasure of working with Agata this week at a studio day held at Studio2,

We worked through a series of ideas including art nude, fashion and portraiture and although our shoot was only a few hours long I came away with many pictures that I am very very pleased with.

Agata has a wonderful personality and poses effortlessly. A real joy to work with and I totally recommend her to other photographers.

dziękuję Agata!

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Agata has always been in my favourites since she moved to London. When I read she was leaving the UK (for now?!) I had no choice but to book her! We worked at the amazing Factory Studios in London. Her communications were fantastic and she was ready and made up to superb standard when I picked her up.

It has all been said here of course and Agata is a supremely talented and beautiful model. I was wary of approaching her with some of my ideas but I needn't have worried as she was keen to model the concepts, which she did with amazing energy and skill, slipping effortlessly from pose to pose.

When you factor in that she is one of the most genuine and friendly ladies you are ever likely to work with, it is our loss that she is leaving these shores. Let us hope that she may choose to come back to us at some point. Thank you Agata. I am sure I am not alone in wishing you continued and deserved success and a great life whilst you are abroad :)

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Jay-Bee Photographic

Had a fantastic shoot with Agata last Saturday who was really good to work with.

Communication with Agata was 1st class from day one. She is such a lovely sweet person and so professional too.

We achieved some awesome pictures and I was extremely pleased with the whole shoot.

I would definitely recommend her and will look forward to working with her again in the future.

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Great working with Agata very easy to work with, I couldn't recommend highly enough truly professional given the nature of the day.

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Agata was great to work with and I would definitely recommend her.

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Jupiter said...

My last shoot of the year with Agata. I visited her at her apartment which is ideal for photography, plenty of natural light and no need for any flash.

Agata was very professional and friendly, highly recommended, just look at her past work.

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Maria Samuel

It was a pleasure to meet and work with Agata. She was very pleasant, polite and professional throughout. She had some great ideas and input with her hair and make up. I hope to work with her again😊

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Had an amazing shoot with Agata. She is incredibly photogenic and was very natural in front of the camera.

We were lucky to have some amazing natural sunlight so got some awesome shots.

I would definitely recommend Agata and look forward to working with her again.

Taylor East

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Had a superb shoot with Agata at her apartment who has an amazing look as can be seen on her portfolio.

She was polite and friendly and we worked well together to produce some great images. Her apartment had some great natural light and is very suitable for home shoots

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Firstly - Agata is a most excellent stunning model - the ease with which she morphs between poses leaves you with too many images to choose from, which is a good thing. I shot Agata at Hallam Mill studio, towards the end of the day and she was creating killer poses that just worked even though the sun had gone down for the day.

Given the opportunity I look towards the next time I can create more amazing images with Agata, it's not if, it's when.

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JamesAndrew said...

I booked 2 hrs with Agata at Hallam Mill and both Agata and the studio were fabulous. I am a novice when it comes to photographing models and Agata was brilliant moving from pose to pose and allowing me to experiment with lighting without worrying about her. There is no doubt that she is both extremely professional and incredibly beautiful. I would recommend her without the slightest reservation.

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Williamwj said...

A wonderful young lady and at the risk of upsetting the Brits a young model who actually likes to talk on the phone before a shoot - not everything in text speak. Communications were a breeze and there was a straightforward exchange to arrange for her journey.

A joy to work with a really interesting woman who is well travelled and that shows in her work.

Happy to travel ,bags of energy and beautiful to work with . Am looking forward to another shoot

Thank you again


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Misterp27 said...

Saw Agata's photos on PP and knew I had to book a shoot with her. She is a busy lady but I finally managed to get a 3 hour session with her a few days ago. Pre-shoot communications were excellent and once in the studio Agata was a joy to work with. Nothing was too much trouble and she flowed effortlessly from pose to pose. I came away very pleased with my results. Book her while she is in the UK.

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I did the shoot with Agata few days ago and it went really great. She is a fantastic model, super professional and pleasure to work with. I would totally recommend her :)

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