Additional Information

Stats and sizes

  • 33yr old Female model
  • Stats(in/USA) 32B-26-33
  • USA dress size 4
  • 5'9" tall
  • 134lbs
  • USA shoe size 6
  • Hazel eyes
  • Medium light brown hair
  • Olive skin
  • White ethnicity
  • I have a single tattoo

Shoots styles

Beauty, Body Paint, Commercial, Dance, Fashion, Fitness, Glamour, Lifestyle, Portrait, Promotional, Swimwear and Wedding



I am a professional actress, dancer, model and stilt walker. I have previous training in Musical Theatre, Screen Acting and various styles of dance. I love creating something new and trying out different ideas.

I am currently working a lot as a fitness model.

I have experience in TV, Film, Theatre and events.


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