Additional Information

Stats and sizes

  • 26yr old Male model
  • 34in waist
  • 42in chest
  • 5'9" tall
  • 180lbs
  • USA shoe size 9
  • Black eyes
  • Short black hair
  • Tanned skin
  • Other ethnicity

Shoots styles

Fashion, Fitness, Portrait and Topless



Hi All Welcome to my port!A little about me I have been modelling for around three years now and I specialize in fitness and fashion photography. I have worked with numerous fitness photographers in the Uk and Europe areas and regularly shoot in studio and upon locations in and around the Central and Greater London areas. I am down to earth, can take instruction and direction and am happy to help create the best images for both parties. My aim - Due to my years of experience coaching people through fitness and sculpting my own physique, I am very aware of my form, strength and tone with regard to images.

Levels - Fashion, fitness, topless and portrait.

Rates - My shoot time is 1 hour @ £30, 4 hours @ £120 Full day of 8 hours @ £220

Interests - I would like to be involved in more bodyscape photography.

FAQ - My travel costs if over an hour drive to a studio or location must be compensated (I drive) I do not yet shoot to full nude I am happy to duo with other female and male models up to fashion or fitness levels

My Instagram @acefitnessss


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Female model required

Female model required

Outdoor fashion shoot next Sunday


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