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I had a wonderful fine art shoot with Adam at his home studio today. He's a very highly skilled and experienced photographer and I felt so lucky that he had chosen to work with me. He was very welcoming, kind and considerate and I felt instantly relaxed with him. We had a lovely morning chatting away and creating beautiful images!

Adam had his lighting and background all set up ready, and after a nice chat and cup of tea, we started with some stretches, before moving onto some onto ballet poses and finishing with some really creative and bendy art nudes. Adam was lovely to work with, great fun and very happy to let me pose away and experiment and also had plenty of ideas of his own and is very good at directing too. I would love to work with him again, if I ever get the opportunity, and I can thouroughly recommend him to any model. Thank you for a fantastic morning x

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Had a brilliant shoot yesterday with Adam. He had planned the shoot from start to finish, sending me a shoot plan before the day so I knew what to take with me and what sort of images we were working towards. He was vey friendly, courteous and honest and made me feel very relaxed very early on.

From what I could see from the photos on his screen (not that I was looking!! lol) the images are extremely good and I had a few edited ones in dropbox the same night. He even let me pose on his motorbike. I would highly recommend to other models

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Had a wonderful shoot with Adam. Pre communications was brilliant, he was professional, respectful at all times, made me feel very comfortable, was easy going and friendly. He also kept me very fed and watered.

Before the shoot took place, Adam provided me with a plan. I found this to be very helpful, for packing items required for the shoot and for the style of poses I had to do.

Whilst shooting, because it was organised before, we managed to cover a variety of sets in a short period time. From what I have seen the results looked good.

I really do hope we are able to work together again in the future.

Highly recommended.

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I had a fantastic shoot with Adam today - he was one of the most professional and courteous photographers I have had the pleasure of shooting with. His pre shoot communications were spot on and enabled me to arrive fully prepared for the shoot. He is very relaxed in his shooting style but also knows exactly what he wants to achieve. He is able to direct a shoot confidently and effectively which enabled us to produce some great images. In a nutshell Adam is a great guy, very personable and also a fantastic photographer. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Adam to anyone lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with him and I hope I get the chance again too. Thanks Adam :)

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Charliee Rose said...

Amazing shoot with Adam today!! I have just arrived home from the shoot and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed myself!

The shoot was planned down to a T.. Adam put together a shoot plan so we knew exactly what we wanted to achieve!

We got some fantastic shoots, really creative! They looked brilliant and I cannot wait to see the finished pictures!

Adam made me feel so relaxed from start to finish.. Taking my suitcase in for me, offering me drinks and even lunch!

Both of our ideas put together resulted in some fantastic shots! I cant wait to shoot with him again as we both have so many more great ideas to shoot!

Thanks Adam!

xx Charlotte xx

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I worked with Adam Friday, I was a bit nervous at first as I was his first model he shot with , but I soon got comfortable and eased up. We had a laugh he is a friendly chatty guy and makes you feel at ease. We good some good pics :) would recommend

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