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  • Full time Photographer
  • More than 9 years experience
  • I work for pay only
  • I can travel or work from home
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Alternative, Beauty, Commercial, Fashion, Portrait and Promotional


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Who am I?

I'm an easygoing part time London based photographer who is equally at home in the studio as I am shooting Cityscapes, urban photography and events. I consider myself friendly, reliable and professional. I like to keep shoots reasonably informal, flexible and relaxed.


I have a modest sized home studio that I shoot from in Beckenham. The majority of the shots on my profile are taken there. 

Additional information


If I add a casting and ask for rates and ideas, just dropping me an email saying something like 'I'm available let me know' will mean that I'll send you a pleasant reply confirming I've cast with someone else after I've cast and won't chase you for your rates.

All day shoots Let me know what you want to eat with a bit of notice and I'll provide it. Half day? You may get a pot noodle....

On location shoots I'll buy/supply food.

Paid shots If models would like one of the shots from a paid shot we've done, just let me know. It'll be lightly watermarked high resolution and I retain ownership of the image or images requested.


We're not all right for the castings we apply for.  Don't be discouraged and apply again when another one is up! 

Dos and don'ts for working with me

  • Good communication. If you just drop out on me with no warning, I am not going to chase you. People do have issues in life, and that is just life, but if you let me know you can't make a shoot, have to drop out for a month, etc, then of course that's fine.
  • If you are going to apply for a casting, then sell it. I don't mean write war and peace, but also don't drop me an email like one I received that was clearly doing me a favour "Would be interested"
  • Please be punctual and if you are running late, let me know. Bit of a common sense really

You get the point. A polite communication to the tune of 'I can't make this now' costs nothing in real world terms. If you feel you are too busy in your hectic world to reply, don't assume that others also don't have such hectic lives but are still able to respond. Ultimately, treat as you wish to be treated. If you want to contact me directly, please do so here

Communication In an age where removing a smiley face from a sentence can have profound repercussions, if we communicate clearly, we'll have more time to spend doing interesting things and avoid any confusion with miscommunication or lack there of

TFP/Collaborations, etc

I shoot TFP, but I'm more selective with who I work with now.

TFP & shots

If the shoot is TFP I'll get all shots from the session to you, online within two days of the shoot via we transfer to make your picks.

  • You'll have a choice of 5 shots that I will edit lightly in Photoshop
  • You'll get those images in high resolution for printing, high resolution for web and portfolio and suitable for web posting for things like PP, Facebook, etc.
  • If you pick 5+ image choices, you have the choice to pay me to process the additional images at £15 per image, or you choose 5 as agreed
  • You absolutely cannot use any of the unedited proofs of the shoot I send over in any capacity at all
  • Any images I process afterwards at any date after the shot, you'll also get
  • I don't let anyone else retouch my work unless I have approached them or it has been previously agreed
  • I never give RAWs away. Please do not ask for them.

Furry things I hope you like cats! We have four of them. Don't bother trying to think of a theme involving cats. Cats do whatever the hell they want and won't listen to you unless you are a can of tuna.

Collaboration and willingness to listen These are staples with me. I'm always keen to try something new or listen to a new approach.

Please don't send me your rates in unsolicited contact

I shoot either with clients or people I have made contact with through castings, etc. If you do fancy a shoot with me, it will be TFP, and I am always happy to look at working with people.

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