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I had the pleasure of shooting with the lovely Bee on a group shot for our club. As well as being a beautiful talented model she was a joy to have on location taking direction when required and contributing enormously. Friendly and although having extensive photographic experience did not intimidate the less experienced group members. I will certainly use her again and thoroughly recommend her

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Bee is a beautiful lady with very strong unique looks and is so versatile. I worked with her today during a 60s theme photoshoot as a fellow model and we had lots of fun - very chatty, kind, bubbly and super easy to work with - her creative ideas were also able to shine through and was very supportive to the other photographers and me as a fellow model.

Can’t wait to work together again soon!!


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SC photography southwest

Had a great shoot today with Abi, the weather wasn’t kind to us but it didn’t phase her in the slightest.

Lovely to work with throughout the shoot, talkative and very easy to pose with ideas I had!

Looking forward to the opportunity to work with Abi again in the future !

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Knight Vision Photography

I had shot once before with Abigail but during a group event. This time on a 1-2-1 project I wished to carry out. So with pre shoot planning my wife created the outfit for an Autumn look. Abigail turned up on time in the outfit required and hair and makeup to a high standard for the look we were aiming for. Such a nice model to work with and I'm so pleased that I chose her for the theme.

I can highly recommend Abigail and only hope she wishes to work with me in the future.

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Amazing Model with great potential. We haven't met yet, but we've shared a magazine publication late 2018. Lovely girl who I look forward to working with her in the future on a shoot. ♥

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I was one of the painters at the Glastonbury body painting festival even though Abigail wasn't my model I can say from watching her on the catwalk and in the photography studio, how good she was,so professional and knew what to do,she lived the paint that was created on her and was the regal and elegant ice queen that I'm sure her artist had envisioned.Having a model who can embody your vision is amazing,it makes all the difference from your creation being a static sketch on a piece of paper to being bought to life and it take a good model to convey this which is what Abigail did.

I would definitely recommend her.

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Fleur Toto

I was a fellow model alongside Abigail at the Glastonbury Body Art Festival. She is an absolute wonder to be around; extremely supportive, knowledgeable of the industry (it is clear in her performance), elegant beyond belief and holds herself confidently in front of the camera or on the catwalk.

Absolute pleasure to spend the day with her, really down to earth and a spectacular classic beauty to match.

She worked easily with the 28 other models, gave good criticism or positive points to help and gave people courage who were nervous by giving them tips. She was really easy to work with in shoots as she understood the process well.

Would recommend to anyone, especially group shots as she has a calm yet strong demeanour and is willing to help out.

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Tony Cooney

I've worked with Abigail a few times now, out latest venture was at the Glastonbury Body Painting Event.

You could tell she was excited about the event and she's spent a lot of time making props for her amazing finished piece of art produced by June Waller.

It was a real team effort, and even after 6 hours being painted Abigail was still smiling and just a tad excited. She rocked the Cat Walk show at the end.

A great model to work with.

Highly recommended

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Marshon SFX

I worked with Abigail at a big bodyart event in Glastonbury. Great figure, great mover and generally just a nice person :-)

She happily underwent a 6 hour bodypaint, posed for images with little direction and did a knock out job on the catwalk. Book her.

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It was a shoot that almost didn't happen!

Abi sent me a message to say hello and break the ice, she was equipped with great ideas for creative shots and I was happy to be trying something aside from the usual stuff. Pre-coms were excellent.

We spent the day shooting in New Forest on a beautiful but brisk afternoon and Abi was a trooper and braved the cold.

She is a lovely person to work with, very chatty, good sense of humor and a skilled model indeed! She also expresses a good deal of knowledge behind the camera too.


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Working with Abigail at The Larmer Tree Garden today was one of those rare occasions you didn't want to end.

The gardens are a beautiful place to shoot and despite recently having surgery on her foot Abigail managed to pose with elegance in a dress that complemented the surroundings perfectly.

Abigail is a great conversationalist and understands the technical side of photography as well as being a fabulous model so there was always lots to talk about.

I delighted with the pictures we produced and would highly recommend Abigail to all photographers without hesitation.

I'm already looking forward to arranging our next shoot.

Thanks Abigail.

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I have worked with Abigail twice in group photoshoots and she is fab to work with! I couldn't recommend her more. Not only does she have a great face to work with but she is great fun to talk to. Conversation was easy and she sat like a champ all the way through makeup!

I would definitely work with her again!

Thanks lovely!

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Jane Charlotte

i love abigail she is an amazing person with a wonderful attitude to work. She will help when ever she can even when its of no benefit to her. she has some great creative ideas. she has great movement so perfect for posing as shes very flexible.

she has great pre communication skills, very helpful and a breath of fresh air. shes elegant and a true lady she can pull off any look.

i love working with abigail and i have done so many times and hope to again.

i would 100% recommend abigail shes extremely reliable and punctual.

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Tony Browne

I met Abi for the first time at our shoot, having been invited by the studio owner only the previous evening, so there was no time for me to prepare in any way. However that didn't matter as we clicked immediately and I found her relaxed and easy to get on with. Abi has a clear idea of what she was looking for and had teamed-up with a make-up and hair stylist to great effect.

All in all this was a relaxed and enjoyable shoot and I am very grateful to Abi for travelling so far, and for welcoming me as a "last minute" addition to a tight-knit team :)

Thank you Abi x

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Shawn Spencer-Smith

09/07/2017 During a group shoot with the Creative Group in Bristol first met and shot with Abigail.

What a delightful person and model she is. She was made up ready to shoot and as with group shoots, you must be quick to get your ideas across and shoot. No problem with Abigail, soon we were shooting and there was little need for directions

I was only able to shoot with her for a brief time but would not hesitate to recommend her to other photographers. Great eyes to work with and sublime posing

Thank you, Abigail, till the next time

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Knight Vision Photography

I was involved with a group event where Abigail was one of the models for the evening. Abigail played a great part and we managed to get to work together, her posing is very good with little direction needed very natural as a model.

I look forward to a one on one shoot at some stage and would be honoured to add more to my portfolio, highly recommended.

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Darren Fellows Photography

This lady is just AMAZING !!

I got to shoot with Abigail at a very last min opportunity when she was in Bristol.

Even though the shoot was a last min arrangement I couldnt of asked for a better shoot. Abigail is lovely to shoot with ad I think we spent as much time talking as we did shooting!

Overall a stunning model who I am actively looking to shoot in the very near future.

If there was an "absolutely" button for would I recommend I would have used that !!

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Jamie Sims

Had a lovely shoot with Abi today. for a young aspiring photographer having abi who has both photographer and modelling experience was very helpful for me and gave me advice on how to change lighting ect.. got into poses without direction and just an all round great model to have on your shoots :)

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I enjoyed a lovely shoot with Abigail, she communicated well and after a brisk tour around Stourhead house we continued to locate the lake. Abigail struck some very uniquely natural poses and has a very fun personality. At one point she led in the grass where she attracted some baby frog admirers which was great fun to shoot. I would love to work with her again soon x

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Abdullah Chakmakchi

this was my first red haired model. I couldn't have been more happier with the results we pulled out. The pre talk was great. We had to wait for that lovely green dress before shooting. So glad we did. The dress was amazing! really brought her out.

We did the shoot in Yeovil 2 hours before sunset. The town was pretty quite. We got on great which is really important. Found some great spots! It was a really good shoot.

She is a great model. I would recommend anyone to shoot with her. She has a great character which will make your images pop!

Thank You :)

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