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Decaying Hood

Decaying Hood / Photography by RUGGLEZ | photography, Model Arabella, Makeup by Arabella / Uploaded 8th April 2014 @ 09:38 PM

Added 1396989537 by Arabella.

Modelling and hair by: Elle-Rose. AMAZING Make-Up by: - (c) Matthew Craig (Rugglez) 2014

Baltic BeautyBaltic Beauty said, 1515189164


DrussDruss said, 1467237579


Paul Webb PhotographyPaul Webb Photography said, 1460593635

Striking image. - Great pose and expression. - Works really well with the styling...

Danny MolyneuxDanny Molyneux said, 1460285955

How have I not loved this before? Bloody marvellous.

Ged Carton PhotographyGed Carton Photography said, 1451677778


Richard FERichard FE said, 1447285901


Capture 77Capture 77 said, 1447282402

Lovely shot

Gregory_PhotographyGregory_Photography said, 1442949639


Anjelica HydeAnjelica Hyde said, 1442693408


RolandAnthony-PhotographyRolandAnthony-Photography said, 1441188731

Stunning shot

Darren SDarren S said, 1438595490

Beautiful image.

imageryimagery said, 1438540912

Beautiful Image

Stu UStu U said, 1437686150

Stunning image

Joe DoyleJoe Doyle said, 1436396035

super image. captivating. well done all.

Daniel Dovi-DotseDaniel Dovi-Dotse said, 1436343314

Really striking image.

Raven LeeRaven Lee said, 1436104009

you have one of the most stunning faces ive seen

RusneRusne said, 1435296429


Richard HillRichard Hill said, 1430831058

Lovely shot

John FJohn F said, 1427830536


FranksongraphicsFranksongraphics said, 1426188442

Absolutely beautiful

MissyLissMissyLiss said, 1424987571


Miss VersatileMiss Versatile said, 1423490794

gorgeous portrait :D x

Faces of VegasFaces of Vegas said, 1421188355

What a great mood. :-)

AndyLAndyL said, 1420656698

Beautiful image, great look and great tones.

Hannah-MarieHannah-Marie said, 1420552712

Love this!

PpsPps said, 1418518973


IDG PhotographyIDG Photography said, 1412026167

beautiful shot , great contrast

Malachite PhotographyMalachite Photography said, 1411924698

Stunning shot - love the colour

Paul Baybut PhotographyPaul Baybut Photography said, 1403739830


Orson CarterOrson Carter said, 1402432885

Wot they said - bl**dy beautiful


Beautiful photo

Carl Ryan Carl Ryan said, 1397825022

A stylish and alluring model. Love the style.Amazing capture

ShawnShawn said, 1397800063

that's a bit blooming good that is !

Look DeeperLook Deeper said, 1397778472

Beautiful Photo.

Cocaine JamesCocaine James said, 1397777056

Staggeringly good! Nice one, both of you lovelies :-)

BiffSnrBiffSnr said, 1397772541

beautiful image

GeeBee PhotographyGeeBee Photography said, 1397770176


Paul2Paul2 said, 1397769492


RolandAnthony-PhotographyRolandAnthony-Photography said, 1397419522

Beautiful image

Head SniperHead Sniper said, 1397079044

Elle Rose, your portfolio starts off with 'I'm not a top model' - what utter bollocks. X

AndyshergAndysherg said, 1397065210

great image

Angel IllustrationsAngel Illustrations said, 1397046990

beautiful image

NicoMNicoM said, 1397036137

gorgeous face

ML PhotographyML Photography said, 1396998183


PinklilithPinklilith said, 1396990225

beautiful :)

Foto.PriganicaFoto.Priganica said, 1396989597


GeeBee PhotographyGeeBee Photography said, 1396989585

Lovely shot