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This was my second shoot with Richard .. the first being about 5 years ago we worked out !

Great comms pre shoot .. quick cuppa and we were off ! Richard has a lovely laid back nature , a dry sense of humour . He knew exactly what he wanted and had images prepared to show me exactly what . He had some great ideas and I thoroughly enjoyed the shoot .

I highly recommend if you get chance to work with him A+++ ~ Roo

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Had a brilliant shoot with Richard. His communication was great both before and during the shoot. He lots of good ideas and I can't wait to see the end results.highly recommended

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A great location picked out by Richard, we got so many amazing shots! Richard is great at encouraging and capturing natural shots and gets some brilliant ideas for action/movement shots. Lovely to work with you again, as always :)

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Cheyenne Peach

Richard responded to my casting call and we shot for 2 hours at a beautiful air b&b that I had booked whilst visiting Sheffield from South Wales.

Richard is super chilled and laid back. He is extremely creative and I was shocked by how incredible the images looked when he showed me the back of the camera. He knows how to work the lighting very well and has a good eye for the camera.

Richard was my final shoot of the day out of three and just before the shoot I was feeling incredibly tired, however, the shoot with Richard felt effortless and I thoroughly enjoyed it. He has great taste in music too!

Richard's style is completely different from that what I'm used to but the final images came out absolutely amazing and very striking!!

I highly recommend and I would love to shoot with Richard again.

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I had the pleasure to work with Richard on a creative project. I love Richard’s style and truly value his input as he has some amazing ideas and really knows what he’s doing. He’s focused and easily adapts to achieve the best images. We worked under a very tight deadline to produce the final images and I’m so pleased with the final result.

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Really enjoyed shooting with Richard and others at JFYP!

Richard had so many ideas for shots, he knew exactly what he wanted directing poses although also allowed me to pose freely too.

Pre communication was great and he made me feel at ease. Looking forward to seeing our shots and shooting again!

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Zoé Margo

I shot with Richard for the first time two days ago.

I've always really liked Richard's photographic style and felt sure that we would click creatively and i wasn't wrong.

We worked off the cuff, playing around with ideas and lighting and we ended up with a highly enjoyable, productive shoot, of which i hope there are many more.

As a person Richard is easy going, a good laugh and the consummate professional and i felt completely comfortable in his company which always allows me to truly deliver on camera.

A great photographer with a strong, unique eye for creating atmosphere which certainly makes my actress heart glad!

We're already planning our next shoot which i'm really look forward to.

Highly recommended.

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Scarlett Fox

I had the lovely pleasure of shooting with Richard yesterday from a few of my locations :)

I applied to a last minute casting Richard put up only the night before and within four messages we had a shoot booked and organised for the following day, so yep his pre comms are brilliant, and he arrived bang on time to pick me up.

Throughout our two hours we managed to hit four locations and shoot two different looks, working on two bridges, my derelict Cottage, and in a rape seed field to finish the day off (gotta love the yellow stuff!) :D

Richard was so easy to work with, he was very energetic and happy to just go with the flow and take on my suggestions, he also knows what he’s doing so you can trust him to just handle the lenses, lights, camera settings and you are free to pose away. I tremendously enjoyed my shoot with him and very much look forward to my next shoot with him again in hopefully the not too distant future :)

Easily and highly recommended!

Thank you for a lovely day!

Scarlett x

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I had a shoot with Richard today and it was fantastic ! Richard was lovely , a real gentleman . He knew what images he was after but was very open to my ideas too . He gave me some great direction to get the shots and I think we nailed it ! I got some images within a couple of hours and I couldn't be happier . Id looked forward to this shoot in particular and I was not disappointed . Would love to work with Richard again . I highly recommend him .

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Jordan Melissa

I had my first shoot with richard last Saturday, this was a Bridal shoot with an amazing dress I got to borrow with a tiara, we also got to shoot at an awesome church with great surroundings to play with... he had pictures in mind what he wanted and gave great direction, I also had my own input for the shoot and Richard was very easygoing and enthusiastic about it which was great! Prior communications were brilliant and the shoot was very comfortable, relaxed and fun! I definitely will shoot with you again.

Thanks Richard x

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Little Lolita

I have worked with Richard a few times now and will certainly be working with him more.

Each shoot we work together on is so creative. Richards idea's are amazing but he is also open to my idea's too.

The images I receive from him astound me each and every time.

Get booked in with Richard, you wont be disappointed.

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Little Lolita

I asked Richard if he would like to come and shoot a live cabaret show that I was performing in and even though it was short notice he was very willing to come along and photograph.

He arrived on time and immediately was very easy to get along with and had some great ideas to include in the shoot.

He photographed the whole cabaret show and very quickly provided very high quality images for all the dancers and performers.

I would highly recommend Richard to anyone who is thinking of shooting with him, and i look forward to creating more images in the future with him as we have already discussed further shoots.

Thanks again Richard for coming along on the night, it was great to meet you and cant wait to work with you again.

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Bex Luther

I love working with Graham and cannot recommend him enough!

We went out location shooting and we got some amazing pictures. Richard made me feel comfortable at all times and I wouldn't change anything about the shoot. I can't wait to work with him again and we already have some more crazy ideas :) If you want something awesome in your port then get in touch with this lovely photographer. Thanks again Graham.

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Graham was lovely and super easy to work with. I'd recommend working with him to anyone, his creative mind is exceptional!

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Nee naaa

Had such a cool shoot with Richard last week... we went off to my location to shoot a futuristic/David Bowie like theme. The results were amazing and I was really impressed, I think Richard was too! Overall a delightful chap to spend a morning with, really easy to be around. We have to do it again!

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