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Stuff I like

For people who are interested in working in alternative ways with me....

1/Alternative compensations I may be interested in:

  • Fantasy props: A mermaid tail, amazing wings,  parachute, cool warrior/goddess headdresses and costumes....
  • Holistic/dance/yoga/wellbeing/spiritual workshops/courses/classes/treatments/life coaching etc. from professionals in their field. (i.e. noooo, not a massage from you because you once did a course). 
  • Crystals, superfoods, essential oils and similar hippy currency...

PART-PAID/TF where there is exchange for imagery:

If you produce work of a high standard, in a style that interests me then I could be interested in negotiating on pay. Note that pretty much without exception I'm looking for CLOTHED shoots in this category, images I can show to family/friends/general population in the real world.

  • images depicting me as a coach/holistic guru/angelic reiki healer/health or dance or yoga teacher
  • producing images with soul, passion, meaning, narrative, symbolism.
  • mermaids, angels, crystals, bohemian, dance, costume, creative makeup, emotion... 
  • transformation, personal growth, empowerment, metamorphosis, strength, femininity AND masculinity, sensuality..
  • doing things that are crazy and fun and quirky and MAGIC and joyful and inspirational (!)

if you're producing images or video that might interest me let me know and we can work something out!

Understandably, if part or all of the payment is to be images, then I will be looking for someone who can demonstrate by their portfolio and references that they are already delivering quality images in a timely manner.

Examples of portfolios which contain the kind of styles I like:
Model Alice Kemble , Photographers Button Moon, Maria Mirage.....

Obviously the compensation would depend on the level of input- if you're creating something amazing with makeup/hair/costume/fantasy/team/edit that will be taken into account....

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