Ava Model

So, yesterday, I got to shoot with AvaModel, on a concept I had bubbling away for a couple of weeks.  The shoot was based around the Christina Ricci character (Rae) in the film Black Snake Moan.  This character is found, by Sam Jackson, beaten up and left for dead, and is subsequently taken in by him to help cure her of her libidinous ways.  She appears for much of the film, chained to a radiator and scantily clad but rather than being shown as a victim, she is represented as an enigmatic, interesting and engaging character - she's essentially mixed up.

Anyhow, photographing something so close to abuse, I found a little uneasy; even now, whilst proofing and editing I find myself wondering if they have a place online.  I should say that Ava was fabulous throughout and had no issues with being chained.  She also did a really good job with make up and simulating bruises and scars.

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