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Local locations

I've moved!! I'm now in central need to update this....
My most local locations are the parks and southampton common, or it only takes 10 minutes train ride for me to get to Ashurst new forest, or 15 minutes drive from my place... 

and please see further images in my local locations collection.

Locations 1-4 described are distance from my previous address at SO31 1BU

Location 1/ ruins, looks like a castle, beautiful imposing gate, 10 minutes drive, no walking. 

Location 2/ shore with beach huts. 10-15 minutes drive, no walking.

Location 3/ my local woods and lakes. 5 minutes drive, 5 minutes walking to get to water, lots of pretty features but not suitable for shooting nudes as very popular location with families.

Location 4/ woods and fields, less likely to be disturbed than 3 in general. 10-15 minutes drive, 10 minutes walk to gate...

Location 5/nudist beach 20-30 mins drive, 3 mins walk. nudity no problem!!

NOTE: Please be realistic if you ask me to suggest locations and understand I cannot control the general public and that without a car it is hard for me to scout locations, so I can never offer you guarantees about being able to shoot nudes in public places, especially not if it's a sunny weekend day in the school holidays!!!

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