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My Studio / Space

A brief look at my shooting space. Not a standard studio by any means, but a great place to get creative area. 

My space include a workbench area, white walled area, fairy light wall, and a urbex area (4 diff walls - 1 inc a roller shutter)

I also have lots of unsual from the norm props, including Fairy lights to wrap around bodies, a wall of fairy lights, uv lighting, flame lights, smoke machine, large ladders, stack of speakers, chaise lounge, cuddle chairs, fixing pints/ restraint, Battle rope, heavy duty chains and lots of other bits... It's ever growing and expanding colltion of clothes and accessories. 

Have a look, and if you're

A photographer and you'd like to hire  - get in touch.

A model and you'd like to be shot here - get in touch.

A MUA who'd like to use this space - get in touch

All props, space and lighting used in all these images are part of the studio.

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