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Tours and general availability

This group is owned by PurpleBot and was created 1403892369. It is open to the public and currently has 65595 members.

Discussing tours and general availability when travelling, as well as advertising tour dates. This is an experimental group that we will use to gather usage data for a possible future feature (like we did with the Events group before creating the Events system).

Are you looking for collaborators during your travels? Perhaps you are not entirely sure where you ought to travel to, or maybe you know where you are going, but you need a place to crash?

This group is NOT a replacement for casting calls or events. If you create a post that looks like a casting call, it will be removed. Please feel free to post links to your existing casting calls and events for your tours.

DISCLAIMER: PurplePort cannot be held responsible for any mishaps or problems with arranging accommodation through this group. We neither warrant nor vet any accommodation offers and are not involved with accommodation negotiations.


  • Check references! Don't just read them, message the people that left the references to ensure who you are staying with isn't a crazy axe murderer. This is YOUR responsibility.
  • Use the PP Calendar for any bookings made.
  • Include the location AND the dates you are touring.
  • Include the location AND the dates you are available.
  • Add links to existing casting calls and events that are related to your tour or availability.
  • Please do NOT post every day saying you are available..
  • Post responsibility and be a good citizen.
  • No arguing.
  • We will remove any posts that aren't in keeping with the spirit of the group or don't fit these rules.
  • We may invent new rules.

The rules will be vigorously enforced and any complaining when your post is deleted because it breached the rules can of course be sent to Facebook :)

Check out our guide to posting in groups.