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Help! Bad untrue reference!

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Hi All. 

I am in desperate need of help as we have received a completely slanderous reference on our studio page due to a model not getting her own way.

We had arranged a TF shoot with 3 models, a hair stylist and a designer- the casting calls were created and it was clearly explained that the images were for the designer and that she would be choosing the final images- this was made very clear all involved seemed to be on board.

On the reference the model has stated that she worked with no breaks- as there were three models having solo shots this is clearly not the case as she was sat chilled out on her phone most of the time. Out of everyone on the day she actually left the studio for an hour to run home as she needed to go home for some reason- we had no issue with this and just said for her to come back when she can. The make up artist (myself) and the photographer certainly did work with no breaks.

On the day this model was also drinking on set and to be honest she really was bad mouthing all photographers and models etc that she had worked with. She made many people on set feel very uncomfortable

The designer chose the images out of the 1200 taken that day- she chose 16. These were for all involved and everyone seemed very happy.

The model who has left the bad reference wanted another picture, we said that is fine but as we have spent three days editing the ones chosen she could of course have another but would she be able to pay £10 for the time as not only had we also given up the whole day for the shoot but as other photographers know the time taken out for TF goes far beyond the actual shoot.

She has put in the reference that we ganged up on her and made her have a her page taken down (not sure if she means on pp or somewhere else) and that we are responsible for dragging her career down- this is completely ludicrous. I had noticed that her page was deleted long ago- just a day after the shoot as she had put a group post about models charging higher for modelling nude- she had such a battering from everyone that I just thought that was why her page disappeared.

Guys what can I do about this as it is actually slander to our company. Any ideas would be gratefully received. We have worked so hard to create the great feedback we have had so far and if you look at any of our other references on any of our pages its clear this is a random attack from someone not getting their own way.

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