Lyme Disease - We are all at risk


Paul Robinson | PWR Media said, 1576232084

I got this years ago after walking in Richmond Park in London and photographing the deer there. It's lucky that the bullseye marks are so distinctive, there are a lot of illnesses that have symptoms that are more general. Hope you recover soon.

Richard Winn said, 1576233312

Tom2000 Effective antibiotic treatment, administered early enough eradicates the Borrelia bacteria. However, it needs to be long term treatment, not the usual 5-7 days. There are also problems of resistance. Ineffective treatment will not eradicate the bacteria, leading to later problems. Also, the antibiotics need to be administered in the acute phase for best results.

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Richard Winn said, 1576233462

Paul Robinson | PWR Media Unfortunately, the distinctive bullseye appearance doesn't show with all infected bites. A proportion (variable with different studies) do not have the bullseye appearance.

MidgePhoto said, 1576234327

Tom2000 "Antibiotics and other pharma products don´t help on acute Lyme disease! Or better said, with antibiotics you never get complete rid of it and the Lyme disease comes back after a while and even more resistant against antibiotics!"


DJH Photo said, 1576234583

I myself was bitten last August just before I was about to go on a family holiday to Corfu , the only place I can think I got bit was standing on the side of a football pitch watching my 5 year old son train , I had actually been bitten about 4 times all 4 bites showing the classic bulls eye and one on my ankle was so sore with a huge raised rash which resulted in swelling . It was only this that made me go to A&E as my wife was concerned about the infection , I had never heard about LD and smiled at the nurse when she appeared through the hospital curtains carrying what looked like a years supply of tablets , she said I wouldn’t smile if I were you do you not realise how serious this is ? I said no . Antibiotics don’t agree with me and I’m allergic to penicillin anyway . After starting the meds which would finish the day before I left to go on holiday I have never felt so ill with headaches feeling sick , tummy ache , dehydration ect to the point i thought my wife and son would be going away without me , however I managed to try some different antibiotics that finished a week before I went on holiday so I went away feeling slightly better . Please folks be aware they are about and they are nasty I just hope I have no long lasting effects that come out when I’m older .

Ok end of story .......sorry I went off on one there ��

Stu H said, 1576271097

Strangely, the EUSR / SHEA / CSCS courses warn of the dangers of typhoid for outside workers over the dangers of Lymes.

There's only around 500 typhoid cases in the UK every year, against the 2 - 3000 Lymes cases ... and yet Lymes isn't considered a mention as an outside hazard.

Richard Winn said, 1576279366

I finally got around to writing an article tonight, to raise awareness, suggest ideas for prevention and some of the risks. I have submitted it for inclusion with a link to this thread, so that images of the characteristic rash can be seen.

Witch of Trouble said, 1576285756

This probably isn't relevant but interesting anyway (to me anyhow).

When I first went to see my neurocardiologist a couple of years ago with a whole range of vague symptoms, the worst being chronic fatigue which I'd actually had since I was 17, the very first thing he asked was had I ever had a tick bite as far as I was aware? I said no but the very second thing he did was arrange a blood test to test for lymes disease. He is one of the leading neurocardiologists in the UK and apparently he was saying that a huge proportion of people who come to him with very similar symptoms to mine - unexplained chronic fatigue or a long standing diagnosis of ME / CFS, heart problems, autonomic nervous disfunction (dysautonomia) etc etc... Actually test positive for lymes disease. The problem he then has is that it could have been lying in the system for many years by that point and been creating havoc and damage all that time so it becomes incredibly difficult if not impossible to treat.

But caught in the initial stages a simple course of antibiotics in most cases would see it gone.

Everyone should be taught how to look for ticks / deal with bites because lymes will destroy the body if left untreated.

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