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East Anglian Creative Collaborative Group (EACCG)

This group is owned by Z Photography and was created 1454843358. It is open to the public and currently has 40 members.

This is a group for like minded creatives either just starting out or set on a lower budget, photographers, filmmakers, models make up artists, designers, artists, studios and other creatives interested. The aim of the group is to create a network of people that can work together on a collaborative level to gain more experience and enjoy the their chosen medium. This is not an advertising page for rates and bookings. This is a page where you can network with new and current members and is aimed at beginners and low budget hobbyists. Obvious safety precautions apply when meeting someone new, always meet in a public place beforehand and don't take any risks if your unsure about an individual. Safety first! 

It would be nice once we have a good following to get some group networking events set up around East Anglia, where members can meet face to face in a public space and discuss ideas, projects or anything else. 

Post your ideas and latest projects to attract potential collaborators. If your competetive we can post a monthly task to complete against fellow creatives to see who gets the most comments on their post.

This page is open to all invited so please do not use adult images on this page. Keep it clean and classy!


Kind Regards


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