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cyber shoot on lockdown for or against?

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I've just done my first cyber shoot with a model and a photographer pressing the shutter and aiming the camera for me. while i was directing the model and content as well as angles etc. 

There seems to be 2 schools of camp on this. the purest approach of i didn't physically take the photo and I'm only editing and directing someone else's work. But then i cant physically be there due to lockdown. some photographers saying "i just feel what you did was no more than a glorified webcam show of a shoot" and we shouldn't be taking any credit for the work. and shouldn't be done as its not true.

The other is a way of pioneering and getting around the physical problems of not being able to socialise and to produce content.  as its more like a Stephen Spielberg film. as i bet he didn't film the whole film on his own. But its still attributed to him alone. I fall more into the second camp as the RAW materials still had to be edited and directed by me. 

Id just like to see what others feel on this. as I don't think lockdown or normality will be any time soon. 

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