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This group is owned by Leaf and was created 1529504491. It is open to the public and currently has 138 members.

BLACK! BLACK! BLACK! (You feed me with pins, mother....)

All forms of dark, sinister, emotive, raw, gritty, macabre, horror, grim, disturbing, haunting, unsettling, surreal photography - the stuff of nightmares! They can be dreamlike, subtle, suggestive, or more graphic and realistic. Even just the implication of something that could happen - the narrative in the image - as long as the image gives the viewer a little chill down the spine! Perhaps tragedy, death, ghosts, or emotions and feelings such as sorrow, sadness, anxiety, mental health, depression... Or - graphic blood and gore, with guts and brains spilling out. Something really messed up. 

No cheesy cosplay gore - this is a group for the more creative images!

Quite often, dark images with strange abstract, surreal, strange or uncomfortable subject matter don't tend to do so well on PurplePort - people like bright shiny colourful glamour in general. This is a group created for those of us who love something a bit different - so we can appreciate images in this genre that we may otherwise miss.

Got some lovely dark shoots that you want to share? Here's the place.

Want to talk about techniques? Props? Locations? Or just want some lovely dark inspiration? 

All related discussions welcome.

Feel free to add any photos - but please note that they will need to be moderator approved. 

Join the group, tell your friends - you are all welcome to the dark side, if you are brave enough.... 

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