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#StrictlyCosplay - Watch Dogs Marcus Holloway

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PGD Modelling and Photography Studios is looking for members to attend their group shoot. It's based around Leicester, UK Added 1570038335.

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Entry fee- £15:00
Character - Marcus Holloway from Watch Dogs II
Models -  Joel Arthur
Date - Tuesday, 15 October 2019
Time - 7- 9pm
Location - PGD Modelling and Photography Studios
78 Friday St (Quad Studios)
Pay on the day event

We will have Joel Arthur joining us as Marcus Holloway from Watch Dogs 2
Marcus is a gifted hacker. He is also an exceptional strategist, finding many opportunities in any given scenario, ranging from direct assault to stealth ops to usage of drones.

This is going to be one hell of an event, dont let the hacker see your phones, tablets and cameras, he may just turn against you.

*Teas/coffees and light refreshments will be available*☕️🍪