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Nude, Yoga, colours, smoke

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Christall is looking for members to attend their workshop. It's based around Aarschot, Flanders, Belgium Added 1569704322.

This event is on Thursday, October 24th.

Christa - YOGA ... 24.10.2019

I’ve already worked with this awesome Russian model at the Studio! The only thing I can say is wow! She knows how to move fluently and is very athletic when it comes to posing and moving around! She is a Yogi, so flexible!

She wil be joining us this evening for some very nice poses combined with colors and smoke. So a more athletic shoot where everything is based on using the correct light in a certain situation! The images shown on this page give you an idea of what Christa can do!
You don't need any experience to join in these events! We will guide and assist you through the entire shoot! Answer all the questions you got!

Workshop page http://www.guntherfrans.be/christa

Christall said, 1569704656

Hello, dear photographers!

I`m delighted to announce that I and Gunther Frans, whom I already worked with, will make a workshop.

The main idea is playing with darkness, colorful lights, smoke and Yoga poses. The duration is 4 h.

Already looking forward for that! Check the official workshop page http://www.guntherfrans.be/christa

Will be very glad to see all of you there and let me know in DM if you have any questions.

See you soon!

frederikdj said, 1570923923

hoi ik ben frederik een 33 jarig model met 7 jaar ervaring

mag ik vragen wat je precies zoekt? zoek je sms modellen voor samen te werken voor de workshop samen met model christa?

of gewoon mensen om de shoot te mogen bijwonen?

ik wil je laten weten dat ik wel interesse heb om als model eens te kunnen samenwerken hoor

groeten frederik