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Extreme Editorial Fashion with Pippa Doll - Unique alternative fashion designs - 1st September - 10 - 6pm - £200 inc

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PoZersStudio is looking for members to attend their group shoot. It's based around Cricklade, Swindon, Wiltshire SN6 6HY, UK Added 1565443057.

This event is on Sunday, September 1st.

Welcome to PoZer's "Extreme Editorial Extravaganza" with the amazing "Pippa Doll", taking place on Sunday 1st September, from 10am until 6pm. This  unique event will take place, with the most stunning editorial dresses,  gowns, collars, cuffs and headpieces, made from completely bizarre materials, hand made and uniquely crafted, by our degree trained costume designer and stylist, during the summer of 2019.

Each editorial garment, will come with matching accessories, to compliment the final look, with Pippa Doll, along with edgy backgrounds and professional lighting, to ensure you capture the best quality image possible, during this amazing event.  

Our degree trained costume designer and stylist, will be working on these amazing Avante Garde creation's, for Pippa, throughout the summer, ready for our amazing Editorial event in September.

The following amazing dresses and gowns, will be created for your pleasure, please look at our amazing Pinterest board, so you can gain some idea of the phenomenal editorial creations you will be shooting. This amazing collection will take hundreds of hours to create, and this exclusive shoot means that no-one will have ever shot anything as amazing as this, all in one day, 6 amazing editorial looks during 8 hours is taking months of planning, so this is what you will get  :-

  1. Bin Bag gown - created with a variety of different shades and textures of black bin liners.

  2. Burst Balloon Dress - dress and accessories, created from burst balloons of all colours, shapes and sizes, creating a beautiful and artistic avant grade fashion look. 

  3. Cellophane gown - this will be created from clear cellophane, similar to the texture of material, which flowers are wrapped in at the florist. This gown will be long and flowing, taking up a large area, lit with a variety of coloured gels, for a stunning avant grade look, full of colours

  4. Cable Tie dress - a stunning and textured dress created entirely from black and white cable ties, including accessories to match, which will look amazing. 

  5. Newspaper dress - beautiful dress with layers and layers of newspaper, creating a beautiful and flowing look.

  6. Toilet roll gown - this dress will be created with a mixture of cardboard inner toilet rolls, and the white tissue surrounding them, creating a high fashion dress, don't let the thought of "Toilet rolls" put you off

    Each dress will have a different studio set, lighting, props to interact with, making each and every set unique, and created as an editorial fashion look. Whatever your abilities as a photographer, from beginner to professional, your camera settings will be shared, to ensure you get the most from each look, ensuring that everyone leaves with amazing images from this event.

    Pippa has been chosen for this event, after many visits to PoZer's in the past, as she is one of the most amazing editorial fashion models, that's walked through my doors, with amazing and extreme posing styles, Pippa is absolutely perfect for this event, plus she's a phenomenal flow poser, with the most amazing, edgy poses, perfect for this genre of photography. Please take a look at Pippa's portfolio for yourself, she will blow you away, I promise, Pippa Doll

The event will start at 10am on Sunday 1st September, running through until 6pm, during which time we will flow through 6 amazing sets and stop for lunch around 1.30-2pm, which will be a delicious buffet, with cold meats, cheese boards, pastries, salad and nibbles, and your refreshments are supplied from the moment you arrive. If you have any dietary requirements, please tell me about this before the event, so we can accommodate your special needs on the day.

The workshop is priced at £200 per person, inclusive of everything, all you need to bring is your camera and lenses, at PoZer's we will be doing everything else for you. We will require a 50% booking fee, on confirmation of your attendance on the event, of £100 and the final £100 is payable the week of the event. If PoZer's or Pippa cancels the event, you will be refunded in full immediately. If you pull out of the event, your money will be refunded in full, as long as we find someone to fill your place, before the event date. The booking fee is payable by Bank Transfer, PayPal or cheque/cash delivered to the studio within 7 days of booking with us.

We will be creating a Facebook events page, which will keep you updated on the costumes, as they are created, throughout the summer, once created, we will share the link on here.

The Pinterest board will also be shared, once fully created, so you can see our images that have inspired us to create this phenomenal event, click here :- 


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to drop me a message, and I will do my very best to answer any queries you may have. Hundreds of hours is going into this event, you are getting amazing value for money, shooting something like this, just for 1 look created by a costume designer or stylist, would cost up to double this, plus the model's fees on top, whereas on this event, you are getting 6 amazing looks, with one of the best editorial models in the industry.

Thank you so much for reading about our event, and we will look forward to hearing from you very soon.

Alley & Pippa Doll

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keiththfc said, 1565446477

Can I reserve a space on this please?

PoZersStudio said, 1565447321

Really looking forward to working with you Keith, this will be a phenomenal event, Pippa’s amazing and she’ll look phenomenal in these unique gowns.