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Creative portfolio builder at Hook studio hosted by Chris Conway modelled by me

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Amie Boulton is looking for members to attend their group shoot. It's based around Winchfield, Hampshire, United Kingdom Added 1565207140.

This event is on Saturday, September 21st.

Photography by Chris Conway, Model Amie Boulton / Uploaded 2nd August 2019 @ 05:10 PM   

On Saturday September 21st, lighting guru Chris Conway and myself will be at the awesome Hook-Photographic-Studio  near Winchfield  to run one of our popular creatively lit portfolio builder events!

This will run from 10am till 1pm at the price of only £55 per person. The event is open to just 6 photographers. Chris will be creating at least 5 different lighting set ups and i will be throwing some shapes for you guys to capture on camera with some super cool outfits and working up to lingerie levels

Plenty of 1-1 shooting time and structured in a fair and organised way.

We run these events throughout the UK and make them different every time and had feedback from many happy customers so feel free to have a read of our references to see what others have said about the events.

We have several events lined up and always adding more so to see what else we are doing at this location as well as other destinations please check out our 'Events on tour' link

Photography by Chris Conway, Model Amie Boulton, Makeup by Beautywithin / Uploaded 11th July 2018 @ 04:22 PM

These are always fun events with refreshments, music and giggles throughout whilst capturing some cool new shots for your ports!

For full details and your chance to book please click on the link below :-) 

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White Tiger Photography said, 1565208271

Gutted just checked im off work but got a shoot already booked really wanted to come down and do this 

Amie Boulton said, 1565210893

We have another the following day at Rochester too, the links are just being made now if that suits you any better? ��