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#StrictlyCosplay - Dr Who and Rose

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PGD Modelling and Photography Studios is looking for members to attend their group shoot. It's based around Leicester, UK Added 1565203250.

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#StrictlyCosplay - Dr Who and Rose
Characters -
Dr Who (based on 4th Doctor) played by actor Matt Brown
Rose played by Charlotte Brown
Price - £15.00
Location - PGD Modelling and Photography Studios

Matt and Charlotte great friends in real life and well a costumed to stage and performance.
Matt being a huge Dr Who fan has based his cosplay outfit on the 4th Dr Who originally portrayed by Tom Baker. Should be a great session with some great props to match.

The Sorcerers Apprentice said, 1565214559report

If only that had been 2 days later I would have been in Leicester. Shame, can't be helped.

PGD Modelling and Photography Studios said, 1565252682report

2 days after we have suited and booted, with male model Niall Brogen. Keep your eye open for the details coming today.