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Mastering Studio Lighting - The Essentials

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This event is on Saturday, September 14th.

Milton Keynes - 14th September 2019

Want to get to grips with studio lighting but not sure where to start? Mastering Studio Lighting, the Essentials will quickly get you up and running with the basics of studio lighting. The format of the course is a step-by-step, hands-on workshop with classroom sessions in the morning and practical photo shoots in the afternoon. As well as demystifying the technical aspects of studio photography, we also give you tips on building a rapport with your subject.

There’s no smoke and mirrors to our workshops and we avoid the ‘copy what I do’ approach. You want new lighting skills to help you create stunning images. That is exactly what we deliver on this one-day course. And we limit numbers to 8 photographers. That means you will get the time and attention you need to make the most of the day.

We start with studio flash, looking at shutter sync speeds, the best method of triggering flash units, the effects that different modifiers have, how light-to-subject distance affects the light quality and some classic lighting set-ups. We also cover how to choose the right lens and the best angle and height for different shots, not forgetting how to use reflectors and flags to both add and remove light.

The majority of what we study during the day only requires one light, meaning that you can go away and practise with very limited equipment. After this one-day workshop, you should have the skills and confidence to achieve a variety of different moods and effects in the studio, whether your subject is a client or an experienced model.

Shoot 1: Learning how size of light source relative to your subject, positioning of your subject relative to your subject and the inverse square law helps shape face and control contrast.

Shoot 2: Learning portrait lighting patterns, butterfly/paramount, broad, short including loop, closed loop and Rembrandt.

Shoot 3: Shooting a full length white outfit against a white background and creating separation.

Shoot 4. Shooting a full length black outfit against a black background and creating separation.

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