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Studio day with Bobbi Castle

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Art Asylum Reloaded Photo Studio is looking for members to attend their paid studio day. It's based around Crescent St, Weymouth DT4, UK Added 1556732699.

This event is on Monday, June 24th.

Bobbi Castle will be holding a studio day at Art Asylum Reloaded on 24th June 2019.
Bobbi is an experienced model and works to full frontal nude. She loves anything to do with acting or being expressive. She is one of the most versatile models in the country as well. She loves shooting everything from dreamy girly portraits all the way through to full on fetish and bondage. But she is more well known for my bendy weird poses when shooting for fashion.

There are several hourly timeslots at £40 per hour for Bobbi and the studio and all its facilities

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