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Mastering Speedlights Workshop - Salisbury

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This event is on Saturday, August 10th.

Salisbury - 10th August 2019

Do you get frustrated with on-camera flash? Seen other people’s brilliant results but don’t know how they achieved them? Time to take control. The good news is that it’s not rocket science; you can do it but you just need to know how.  Mastering Speedlights will teach you. And by the end of this one-day workshop, you will be looking at flash in a totally different light! No more over-exposure, harsh shadows or demonic red-eye - learn the sure-fire techniques you need to turn your flash photography around and produce beautifully lit images, using on and off camera speedlights.

The day runs like this. The morning is classroom-based to gear you up for a full afternoon’s shoot time. First, we take you through the way your camera manufacturer’s own unit works, as well as those of popular third parties. It doesn’t matter what make of DSLR you have but, if you are a Canon or Nikon user, we explain how these two systems differ from other brands. You will learn how to trigger the units and the effects of using different modifiers with your particular system. We then move on to the art of mixing flash and ambient light to achieve the result you want - natural or surreal. The session rounds off with a lesson on how to get really creative, using a combination of white balance and gels. And if you’re a bit fuzzy about when to use TTL and when to use manual modes;  or what the difference is between High Speed Sync and High Speed Flash, these topics and more are covered during the course of the morning.

After lunch, it’s time to put all this into practice with an experienced model - in the studio and at a local outdoor location. With never more than 8 students on the course, you will have plenty of shoot time to embed your skills and build up a bank of reference images to inform and inspire your ongoing learning. Your trainer will be with you all afternoon to assist, providing you with all the help and support you need to master the techniques successfully.

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