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Photoshop for Photographers - London

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1 person is attending this event.

1 person maybe attending this event.

Appleton Training is looking for members to attend their workshop. It's based around London, UK Added 1555353038.

This event is on Saturday, April 27th.

London - 27th April 2019

How good is your knowledge of Photoshop?

If you need to get to grips with the most popular editing software in the world - and fast - this one-day course will really help. Your tutor, Andrew, has credentials; he began with Photoshop in 1994 and has been using it ever since. That’s 25 years of experience so feel free to pick his brains! But apart from that, this hands-on workshop differs from others in two main ways and that’s what gets you up to speed so quickly.

Why this course works

Firstly, we use a dual approach to delivering the course content. On some workshops, you simply work through the various tools Photoshop has to offer; on others, you start with the finished image and re-wind back to the original. Both methods are valid. That’s why we use both. This two-way strategy covers all the bases and really helps you get a grasp of the language, tools and features of this comprehensive piece of software.

Secondly, because we limit numbers to 6 photographers, we are able to personalise the day to suit you. Before you attend, we contact you to find out what you want from the course and whether there are specific areas of interest that you want to drill down into. In effect, your course is customised to maximise your learning. How cool is that! We want you to get the most out of the day and be able to begin applying your knowledge where it counts for you - without delay.

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Nic Crilly-hargrave Photography said, 1555358046report

how much is the class?