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Remote Shoots World Wide January/February

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Hello Photographer's 

I have a availability for remote shoot bookings this January/February. *Please message me to discuss Availability and Rates*

I work from my home studio where I can set-up different backdrops or make sets to suit the style/theme you would like to shoot. 


If you are new to remote shoots they are a great way of keeping creative in the comfort of you're own home. They can still be as creative, as interactive and as productive as normal shoots.

If you don't fancy travelling right now and still want to be creative and work with models this could be a great option for you Smile

I have worked with many photographer's on their first remote shoot who at first were not too keen on the idea but have since gone on to do several more remote shoots with other models from around the world as they enjoyed it so much Smile 

I work with my husband Adrian Crook on the remotes, he acts as an assistant on the shoot, making sure everything runs smoothly and will be happy to move lights and equipment to suit you're ideas. 

My full remote instructions on on my website -Remote info  


                                                                                  - Results

Equipment Used

  • Goggle remote control to share computer screens.
  • Capture one to take the images/control the camera.
  • Fuji xt3 to capture the image.
  • Facebook Messenger for video call or WhatsApp.

I have new backdrops to use, as well as lots of ideas if you are short of any yourself, Fashion, portraiture, creative make-up, vintage, abstract, artistic nudes, lingerie.

Happy to take on you're ideas and style the shoot for you.

I generally book 2hr sessions for remotes, my remote set-up is pretty fast, there is no awkward lag when seeing the image pop up and focusing is spot on, so you can get a lot of shots and styles in the 2hr session.

All images will be sent over straight after our shoot via we transfer or Google drive- we have fast Wi-Fi!

If you are interested in booking a remote shoot with me and Adrian please get in touch here or email carla@carlamonaco.co.uk for rates/times/more information. 

Thanks for looking 

Carla https://www.instagram.com/carlamonacox/ x 

Some results from my remote shoot sessions...


All images in this post taken on remote shoots-


Travis Houze, Nigel Gambles, Kevin Connery, Doug Ross, David Brown, Colin Anderson, Glenn Davisson.



I'm a 33yr old Female, full time model and have more than 10 years experience. I work for pay only.

I'm based in Swindon, UK. Map