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We are so happy to announce our first professional photographer tuition holiday to one of the most stunning photographic destinations in the world, the beautiful Isle of Skye.

Skye! A whole load of coastline packed into a very small space, with whacky rocks and waterfalls in between. Skye is a magnet for landscape photographers and the Photography Online production team is based there, largely for this reason. Cliffs, beaches, majestic waterfalls, and very pointy bits of rock, all conspire under some serious weather to produce some of the moodiest, impactful images around. On this trip, we're seeking to combine classic landscape imagery of this dramatic place, with equally dramatic models with some focused and artful lighting.


Techniques we'll be covering : Getting a good background - levering good landscape photography practice to expose properly for the sky and the foreground. Combining flash with ambient light ,Using long exposures to capture movement in water, clouds and fabric and dresses , Using flash in combination with long exposures to capture flow, plus frozen motion in one shot , Using ND filters to slow things down , Using correction gels to balance colour in your light sources (or create colour contrast) , Creating mood with selective lighting in the landscape ,Working with the sun* - integrating it into a multi-light setup  Composing creatively - using the 360 degree scene up close and wide , Using what you have - we'll also be shooting some classic boudoir style images back at the cottage, using Fresnel spotlights. We'll be evaluating the "set" to discover shooting angles, and compositions that make the most of the furniture, doorways, and windows to make clutter-free shots with depth, and impactful lighting

Shooting at iconic Skye locations such as The Quiraing, The Faerie Pools, Talisker beach and Neist Point. * depending on availability of sun Smile


Accommodation We'll be staying at the wonderful Hunish Cottage right at the top of Skye, on the shore of Loch Cleat, with views out to sea to the west, with your own room, and shared bathroom. Breakfast, packed lunch drinks and dinner provided - all you need to do is get yourself either to the cottage by car where there is ample parking, or to Inverness station or airport, where we'll be organising pickups/drop-offs

. https://www.sykescottages.co.uk/cottage/Fort-William-Isle-of-Skye-The-Western-Isles-Bealach-Iochdarach/Hunish-1008529.html

The cottage has WiFi, TV, washing machine and dryer, and plenty of parking.

Travel to the locations will be via a seven-seat Ford Galaxy to ensure we all arrive at each location together and can talk about the shoot on the way.


Our models on this trip will be Everly Rose  and Arabella : both are highly skilled and knowledgeable models with extensive experience of shooting on location.


What you will need to bring ?

Camera* + cards, batteries and charger ,  Tripod - essential for long exposure work, with spikes if possible ,  Lenses covering 24-200mm. Although even wider focal lengths may prove useful - they are not essential. We don't need to rely on low depth of field for any of the techniques, so almost any lens or lenses that cover these focal lengths will be suitable , ND filters: I will have a full set of Lee 100mm ND filters inc 3, 6 and 10 stops available with a selection of adapter rings inc 67mm, 77mm, 82mm and 102mm however do bring your own ND filters if you have them , Lighting: We will have a full complement of Godox location lighting from small V860-II speed-lights, an AD200 and Safari-II 600J location light with soft-boxes, brollies and other modifiers. We'll also have some Fresnel spotlights and Scattergels for use back at the cottage. Do feel free to bring your own lights if you would prefer to use them. We'll be using the Godox X-Pro trigger and controller plus the older FT16 triggers for cameras that are not compatible with the later flash controllers , Warm clothes: insulation layers, waterproof layer, walking boots and/or substantial wellies. As we're seeking to light most of our shoots, we won't be undertaking any strenuous climbing, however there will be some walking over varied terrain to get to the locations. I do recommend wellies for the beach though. A torch, or head torch is useful for pre-dawn and post sunset walking. *Any camera that allows for manual exposure control and has a flash hot-shoe. Let us know asap if you have an early Sony/Minolta DSLR or a Canon EOS 200D Mark II (SL3) as these cameras lack the standard centre pin on the hot-shoe, essential for working with the majority of flash equipment.


Getting There You can either drive directly to the cottage and aim to get there by 2pm on the arrival day, or travel by air or train to Inverness, where we will arrange to pick you up. If travelling by train, and you're not in a hurry, I can thoroughly recommend the Caledonian Sleeper service that travels up to Inverness from London via the North west Inc Crewe. https://www.sleeper.scot/


Available Dates Group 1 - arrive Sunday 27th March. Depart Wednesday 30th March (3 nights) Group 2 - arrive Wednesday 30th March. Depart Saturday 2nd April (3 nights)


All of this for just £799 fully inclusive

We only have 6 slots available, 3 photographers per date so booking early is essential

To book we require a deposit of £150pp followed by the balance 4 weeks before the trip

To book contact myself Everly Rose today




I'm a 40yr old Female, part time model and have more than 8 years experience. I work for pay only.

I'm based in Bebington, Wirral, United Kingdom. Map


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