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This casting starts on Monday, April 12th and expires on Friday, July 23rd.

I'm super excited to announce that I am now available for..

Some images taken on my remote shoots so far. Image credits left to right; GaryMac Photography NeilH Dean M




I did my first remote shoot back in December, but didn't pursue them further until lockdown hit again and I planned a 'premium location' remote tour in February. It was so amazing to have a creative buzz back that I've spent the last month decorating and set designing to be able to offer remote shoots from home. I know I'm late to the party (I really am kicking myself for not doing this earlier!!!) BUT I have already done 22 remote shoots so far and I can't wait to do more! I'm available throughout April for remote shoots from home before I start (hopefully!) heading back on tour again. However remote shoots will be here to stay as I will be offering them in the future when I am hiring beautiful airbnb apartments on my tours AND I will also be offering them on my UK events! Meaning those of you that are further afield/can't travel are able to experience the styling and production of my events from the comfort of your own home. If you'd like more information on my next UK event in July, featuring 11 models and 6 wonderfully varied themes at a stunning exclusive venue then do get in touch, but for now if you'd like to book a remote shoot with me from my home keep reading for full information :D


If you don't have it on your PC/Laptop already then before the shoot you will need to download Google Chrome web browser as we will use Chrome Remote Desktop for you to gain access to the tethering software. Please ensure you have done this in advance to avoid losing any of your shooting time on the day, and feel free to get in touch if you have any questions/queries regarding this.

  • We will begin by connecting via WhatsApp or Facebook messenger video call (this will be active throughout the shoot as our way of communication).
  • I will then pass you over to MrSummers  to get you connected. He will be on hand throughout the entire shoot for technical support and any help with lighting, camera angles etc. This optimises our shoot time as it means I can concentrate on modelling and can be in shot whilst he sets up camera angles for you etc, rather than me trying to do everything myself. 
  • Open Chrome Remote Desktop on your laptop/PC. This can be done by entering this link into your Google Chrome web browser: https://remotedesktop.google.com/access
  • Enter the access code Mark gives you and this will give you control of my desktop.
  • On my screen you will see two open tabs, Sony Imaging Edge & Adobe Bridge.
  • Sony Imaging Edge is the software we will use for you to remotely trigger the camera. From here you will have full control of the camera; you'll be able to choose the camera settings, focus point and press the shutter yourself.
  • Adobe Bridge is the software you can use to review the images as we go.
  • Feel free to play around with this and take a couple of test shots of the scene to get accustom to it. I will then be ready to start at the agreed start time. Unless agreed otherwise I will be in a robe (to avoid marks on my skin) with hair and makeup done to a good standard. You can then choose how we begin whether this be starting with nude art work or styling myself for the set.
  • We will have the camera set to shoot RAW files. If you wish to shoot JPEG (or both) then do make us aware, though you will also have the ability to change this yourself using the Sony Imaging Edge software you have access to during the shoot. As we are shooting with a Sony camera, please check your adobe software is up to date for the Sony RAW files. If you use creative cloud you will have automatic updates, or you can also use a free DNG converter; https://helpx.adobe.com/uk/photoshop/using/adobe-dng-converter.html
  • The images we take are yours and you have 100% copyright. After our shoot has taken place I will send all image files via Dropbox. These will be sent within 24 hours of our shoot finishing. I do reserve the right to delete any images that are outside my levels, if any, before sending them to you. 


(All of the below links are clickable)

Camera Body
Sony Alpha 7iii                

85mm F1.4 GMaster Lens                                    24-70mm F2.8 GMaster Lens               

2 x Westcott FJ400                                                  1 x Apurture 120d mkii                                         

2 x 43” Deep umbrella, silver bounce                  2 x 1ftx3ft Strip box, silver bounce              1 x 24’ Beauty dish                                               
                                                                             Includes 2 x 40° egg crates

Manfrotto befree tripod
Mark can also hand hold the camera for you so we can get more unique angles that we would not be possible if we were restricted to a tripod. 


I currently have 5 different rooms in my home that can be used for shooting; 



The sun is at this side of the house all day so you get varying stages of both direct light and really nice soft indirect light. 

Various different set ups in here; Peacock chair, plants, chairs, large mirror/playing with reflections, Can also just use the mottled wall as a nice backdrop.

We have a couple more props arriving for this room, decorative pots for the plants and just other little set dressing bits, but this is what we have so far. 



Again the sun is at this side of the house all day so you get varying stages of both direct light and really nice soft indirect light. 

We can use the kitchen as it is for lifestyle stuff. There is the patio doors for good natural light which also has Venetian blinds so if you get sunlight you can get good shadows on the face/body (we do also have a constant light we could put outside to try and get that effect if it was an overcast day) 

The other side of the kitchen we have grey tiled floor and a full mirrored wall and a window to the right hand side. We also have 3 very large mottled backdrops in nude, grey and browns that can be hung here where we can use natural light from the window or set up lights for a more ‘studio’ setting. 



We have bedside tables arriving soon with some cute plants/table lamps etc to set dress this boudoir area up but this will give you an idea of the colour scheme for now.

We don’t get direct sunlight at this side of the house but get some nice soft light and we do have constant lights to add too it if need be (or we can use flash)

We can also move the bed and use the blue panelled wall on its own or bring in other props (chairs/plants) etc but we will need advance warning if you would like to do that so that we can get the bed moved out the way. It’s super heavy so requires my dad popping round to help my husband move it, no drama at all as he lives round the corner but just easier to have set up before our shoot for you rather than wasting your shooting time. 



We have a palm tree feature wall in here that we can use just as a backdrop or we can add props in. I have a pink chair or a Perspex chair and can also bring the palm tree from upstairs and have a palm tree cushion so could do something quite funky/themed here. We then have a gold glass desk that can be used in an ‘office’ style set or shooting down on it/through it with it being glass.



This room is smaller than the others so is a bit more restricted on space/angles, but can still produce some lovely images. 


I have sheer materials in varying shades (blue/green/purple/orange/gold/nudey pink and mauve). These can be useful to pose with but also for set design/draping. I also have 2 Moroccan style ottomans that can be used as for sitting or leaning against.

Due to modelling for the last 10 years, and also running themed events for the last 5 years, I have access to a large model wardrobe with varying different styles;
Bohemian, pre-Raphaelite, French renaissance ballgowns, 1920’s flapper outfit, Pin up, 1950’s/60’s, high quality lingerie, sheer/floaty/textured items that can be nice additives to art nudes, futuristic fashion, suits, both short and long evening dresses in varying styles.

I am constantly buying new outfits for upcoming themed events too – at the moment for example I am starting to source 70's clothing as well as props/styling for an Arabian Nights set for my event in July. I am also open to buying new and interesting items to add to my collection so please do send your mood board in advance. If I do not have something suitable then I may be able to source something if given enough time to do so.



  • Payment is accepted by BACS, Transferwise or PayPal (friends and family or with an additional 3% if using goods and services so I receive the total amount of the booking) 
  • A 50% non-refundable booking fee will be required to confirm, and the remaining of the balance is due before the shoot begins.
  • Where I have hired a premium location I will require 100% of the total fee for cancellations within 1 week of my tour, unless I am able to fill your cancellation. Due to the expenses involved in hiring the locations I can’t suffer financially due to a gap in my schedule caused by cancellation.
  • For remote shoots from home there is no cancelation fee only on the basis that we rearrange to a later date and you give me advance warning of 48 hours. If these terms are not met then there will a 50% cancellation fee, in most instances this simply means me retaining the non-refundable booking fee you paid in advance and this will not be transferred to any future bookings.
  • I do not allow video recordings or screenshots to be taken during remote shoots. The only media I consent for you to have/use are the images created remotely using my camera and that I share with you after the shoot.
  • My model levels MUST be respected at all times. I work to tasteful nude. You can find detailed information on my levels along with examples of the levels/styles I can comfortable with on my profile
  • I will video call you 5 minutes prior to our shoot commencing and pass you on to Mark so that he can get you connected and ready to go for our start time. Any set up, location changes and/or makeup and outfit changes once our shoot has begun is included in the time you have booked. Our shoot will then end at the agreed finish time - please do keep an eye on the time to avoid us having to cut a set short or abruptly ending our session. 


I'm a 28yr old Female, full time model and have more than 10 years experience. I work for pay only.

I'm based in Blyth, Northumberland, UK. Map